Handsome Fellow!

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Children are a blessing from the Lord and we have certainly enjoyed our little blessing! It has been an incredible experience. More than words can say, pictures say it best. Here is a fun photo shoot that our dear friends, Libby Zellon and Thomas Paine. These folks were so kind to shoot our wedding and now after three days of enjoying our little one, they helped capture a few more treasures.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. They are all such precious photos and show you all growing into becoming a family of three, what a very talented photographer helped by a gorgeous little boy.

  2. What a precious little blessing from the Lord!

    From his bright eyes to those soft little feet, he is the most precious baby boy. Congratulations!!

    God Bless ūüôā

  3. Gorgeous pictures. All of them. What a blessing from the Lord your son is. Congratulations!!!!

  4. He is truly “fearfully and wonderfully made”! Congrats to you both, and may the Lord grant you many years of him (and hopefully some brothers and sisters) being underfoot, in your way, asking questions, and teaching you patience and unconditional love every moment. And when he is grown, you will shine with pride at a fine young man, raised in faith, and hopefully many grandchildren climbing into your laps to hear a good Bible story! Much love and warm tidings from Southern California!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures. That was nice of Thomas and Libby to take them for you.

    My favorite is # 1 – because the baby looks “loved” – and “warm.”

    I’ve heard it said that one of the ways to know how warm to dress your baby is that if you need a long sleeve shirt on – then they do too. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to go by.

    Blessing to all of you!

  6. Wonderful photos of the little guy!

    Wasn’t sure if you were aware- before we were able to click on your pictures and scroll through them, the last few posts each picture takes you to a different page and make you click that single photo again to enlarge. ūüôā

    1. Author

      I will try and figure out how to make them so you can scroll through them in future posts. Thank you for letting know!

  7. I can’t decide which is my favorite! They are all beautiful! What a wonderful little blessing you have! <3

  8. He is sweet! I loved holding him tonight and only gave him up because my hunger took over! Mrs. Keller’s honey chicken, I think it may be famous:) We enjoyed our visit and I have to say, you both are very relaxed parents at only two weeks in.

  9. Paul has the longest feet on a baby I have ever seen. The 2nd photo is my favorite of these photos. In a couple of months have Priscilla do some mommy baby pictures in a beautiful white fancy gown/housecoat with the baby and no diaper in a white background. They make beautiful mother baby photos.

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