Weather: Chicago or Florida?

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Already a quarter of the year is nearly past and we have had much happen. We have been so busy we have not taken the time to let you all know what we have been up to. Recently, we had an opportunity to head down to Florida for some more prison ministry. While David took time in the prisons along with a team of people, Priscilla and her family did much of the cooking for the team.

David's Phone pic 2014 707

People from all across the country came together for a seven day of intensive ministry opportunity in five prisons in Florida.


On one particular day, the Assistant Warden insisted on cooking for the entire team. Priscilla and her family along with some freinds then found a time to enjoy Silver Springs.


Friendly gators nearby in a special nature preserve in Silver Springs, Florida. Chicago Vs. Florida

Grandpa and Paul had some fun times together.David's Phone pic 2014 716

After our intense week, we took a day to enjoy the sandy beaches of Florida with a cool swim.David's Phone pic 2014 719

David's Phone pic 2014 733

Paul is in that exploration phase. Everything has to be experienced. He loved walking on the beach.David's Phone pic 2014 748

 Lots of tennis capped off our very fun and meaningful visit to Florida.

Priscilla’s Brothers Come to the Great White North davidlovespriscillaDSC03048

Priscilla’s brothers, David and Nathan experienced more snow than they ever had before. davidlovespriscillaDSC03071

Paul was not quite sure what to make of all of it. It looked like so much fun to him, but every time he played with it, he wanted to feel it, taste it, and it simply was too cold for him to enjoy in his normal ways. 🙂


Not having ice skated in many years, the boys did a much better job staying upright than expected.davidlovespriscillaDSC03099

The snow experience would not quite be complete without a snowman.

davidlovespriscillaDSC03101Chicago has had the third snowiest year recorded. davidlovespriscillaDSC03105

Two balls up and much more work to do.davidlovespriscillaDSC03108

As a young boy, David and his brothers enjoyed making lots of things out of snow. The ramp was his idea for moving the heavy middle ball up into position. davidlovespriscillaDSC03115davidlovespriscillaDSC03114

This snowman finally reached a grand height of just over eleven feet tall.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


What can a few people do among so many? Only God’s Word holds the promise that it will not return empty or void, but it will accomplish what it is sent out to do–Bring people to Christ. Armed with a couple thousand Gospel tracts, enthusiastic greetings, and a heart of love, we headed to downtown Chicago. davidlovespriscillaDSC03142

Paul got his share of special attention as people read his “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” sign.davidlovespriscillaDSC03144

Around a half million people were estimated to be in Chicago for the day’s events. davidlovespriscillaDSC03146

The river really does look distinctively green. Some even joke that the Chicago River is chosen mostly because you don’t have to add much dye because it is so green already. However, we found it quite an amazing sight.


By the time we actually got to the parade most of our tracts were gone. davidlovespriscillaDSC03185

We stayed and watched for a little bit and then took off to beat the crowd out of there.davidlovespriscillaDSC03199

To top off the day, we went to the Pacific Garden Mission where they record episodes of the longest running radio drama in the history of radio–Unshackled. We really enjoyed listening to the different voice talent chime in with their parts and we were surprised to see that even the sound effects, such as turning of pages or clanking of dishes, were live as well. What a production!

David's Phone pic 2014 768We were recently at a place to get a bite to eat. It is amazing what happens when you take your eyes off of your child, even for an instant. At least we knew where to find him. 🙂


  1. One country but two different worlds!!! Love your pictures as always *smile*

  2. I was just wondering if Priscilla was expecting?? Either way you all are such a blessing in the ministries you provide. What a testimony you are to other people your age!!

  3. How I have missed The Waller’s! So glad to see you spending time with your families having fun and ministering, too! Little Paul isn’t so little any more! He’s a big boy! I hope he is blessed with MANY more birthdays and MANY more cakes! God bless!

  4. So glad that you are back! I have missed your blogs so much! Thank you again for sharing. The Lord bless you for your work with the prison ministry.

  5. I was in such a hurry to say how glad I was that you were back, that I wrote before watching the YouTube segment, so should have said, first and foremost, thank you for giving the gospel! 🙂

  6. We live in the Fox Valley of Illinois, about 50 miles from Chicago.

    BUT this winter we had a chance to work on Mackinac Island,Michigan.
    Chicago is downright “tropical” compared to the UP of Michigan.
    We got around on snow-machines!

    Nice to see a Godly side of the St.Patricks parade. 🙂

  7. I think we sometimes forget that one of the most important things about being a Christian is preaching the Gospel. Thank you for reminding and inspiring me to do better. I love how you took advantage of the opportunity to go where there was a great crowd already assembled, so that you could reach as many people as possible. You are truly a blessing to others.

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