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Last month “Mom and Dad Keller,” as we call them, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary by going with Priscilla’s brothers, Nathan and David, to visit Josh and Anna and their kids. It worked out for us to come  for a short visit to help them celebrate. We are so blessed to have such loving, Godly parents who are committed to staying true to their marriage vows and faithfully loving each other!

Mom Keller brought several gifts for the kids, and she was totally thrilled to be able to spoil her grandchildren with lots of love and attention.DavidlovesPriscilla0726150119a

The guys didn’t miss out on getting spoiled either. They enjoyed some ice-cream bars.


Paul and Micheal enjoyed doing so much together. They were happy to wear the matching shirts that “Grandma Keller” gave them.DavidlovesPriscilla0726151625a

Uncle Nathan took the cousins out to see a nearby bulldozer. DavidlovesPriscilla0726151626

The boys were happy to sit on top of the big machine.


Davia enjoyed “Grandpa Keller” holding her and playing with her.DavidlovesPriscilla0726151732

Mackynzie is being such a good older sister to all of her younger siblings and especially the latest addition, Meredith Grace Duggar. Mackynzie was praying that God would give her a little sister and is taking such good care of her now that she has arrived.

Josh and David were able to work together on some woodworking projects.DavidlovesPriscilla0726151734b

They were figuring out how to cut and install crown molding. It is harder than you might think to figure out all of the angles.DavidlovesPriscilla0726151856

The finished product is so rewarding!DavidlovesPriscilla0728151257d

Grandpa and Grandma Keller holding their two youngest grandchildren, Davia and Meredith.DavidlovesPriscilla0728151259f

We also were blessed to be there during David Keller’s birthday. He turned seventeen. DavidlovesPriscilla0728151323f

His nieces and nephews enjoyed being a part of his party and were especially happy to help eat his cake that Mackynzie picked out for him.

Grandma Keller prepared some special Bible stories from her years of teaching Junior church. The children enjoyed it very much.DavidlovesPriscilla0726151137c

Grandma Keller even had some crafts for them to put together that related to the Bible lesson.


  1. So glad I found a link to lead me to your blog. Besides being glad to see Anna and family are getting loving support I think your family and folks are wonderful in what they do, peace!

  2. So happy to see updates! It looks like you all had a lot of fun family time! And congrats to Mom and Dad Keller on celebrating 35 years of marriage AND 35 years of demonstrating what true love really is. I look forward to my 35th Anniversary…. in 26 years! :O) God bless!

  3. It’s so nice to see news of Josh and Anna! I used to love following their little family on TV, and they were among my favorites. (Love all the Duggars and Kellers!) Thanks for the update. Miss seeing them on a regular basis. Anna and Priscilla, would still love to see you write a book! 🙂 Congrats, Josh and Anna, on the birth of Meredith Grace.

  4. We love and are praying for you….our sweet friends. Love you guys!

  5. I am so glad I found this website!I always loved Priscilla!She seems so sweet and a genuinely nice,good person!I refer to her as Precious Priscilla.She is beautiful inside and out!David seems like such a great husband and father.They seem perfect for eachother!Little Paul and Davia are adorable!!!Thank you David and Priscilla for being such a inspiration to me and my family!I hope to see you on television again!

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