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You have probably heard it said, “what is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” Life gets so busy, we have to force ourselves sometimes to slow down long enough to take time for things that are important. Bible time, family time, date nights, church and visiting with relatives are very important and yet they can quickly and easily get pushed aside. Another thing that is important is capturing the fun memories. That is one of the purposes of our blog and a post has been long overdue! Here is a recap of a few of the events over the last few weeks.

Marriage Retreat


We have found it so beneficial set aside one evening a week and spend time alone together by going out to eat, shopping or just spending time together. By and large, this has been our practice since we got married and we are so grateful for how this has helped our relationship. Just recently we went on our first marriage retreat at Fort Rock Family Camp and had a wonderful time!

The Caleb Nelson Run20160409_063808

Nathan and David Keller joined David and Samuel Waller as we ran a special race in honor of a navy seal who died in the line of duty as a part of a special Warfare unit in Afghanistan. 20160409_074334

We ran 3.5 miles, swam 1/2 of a mile, ran 6.4 miles with a pack that started at 45lbs and finished at 35lbs. We then had a short swim while floating our packs across a narrow part of the lake, then another 1.2 mile run.  20160409_095940

We all finished the Caleb Nelson Memorial Race in less than 3 hours!

David’s Dad’s 70th Birthday

We were so blessed to have David’s parents here for some important birthdays. First, on April 11th, David’s oldest brother Adam had his birthday. Second, on April 15th, David’s dad celebrated his 70th birthday. What a milestone for one who has been such an encouragement and example!20160516_182534

Progress on House Renovations:

A number of work parties, such as the one pictured above have allowed us to do all of the work as a family with our friends, with the exception of the charging of the Air Condition system. God has so graciously blessed us at key times with just the right people to help us accomplish projects that we knew little or nothing about.20160430_141742

Priscilla’s Brothers, Nathan and David, have stayed with us for over two months and have worked so hard. 20160430_151438

Whether hanging siding or a multitude of other projects, Nathan and David worked hard and got a lot done. There is no way we would be at the progress we are without them.


David laid linoleum for the first time by himself. The whole laundry room and family closet area is in linoleum, so it was quite a project. The floor turned out really well and we are so happy to have it more of a finished space. It is so different from where the house was just six months ago when we closed on the property.IMG_3496

One of the things the Lord blessed us with was some ways to buy “normal items” at reduced price. Here is one example of a way we got a few of our appliances as well as much of our building materials. For example, we just purchased our refrigerator at Lowes on the Memorial Day sale. It’s normal list price is $1298. However, they run a sale during Memorial Day weekend and Black Friday that drop the price at least 30%, so the price was listed at $998. We happened to see the same fridge at Home Depot for $997.20 and Lowes promises to match the price or beat it by 10%. So that brought the price down to around $900. We then purchased using gift cards we had purchased online that were discounted by 12%. That brought the price down to around $800. We saved the last $80 of the amount due so we could use our the Lowe’s Credit card which gives 5% off the whole purchase price bringing the total down to around $750. Memorial Day weekend happens to allow you to purchase refrigerators under $2000 that are Energy Star rated tax free, so we walked away with a brand new fridge just over half of original price! We thought at least some of you might be bargain hunters like us and would enjoy some of what we have learned. 🙂
The Lord really blessed us when it came to air conditioning. We had no idea how much that can cost to have it installed! Since we had no existing heat or air, we had to start from scratch. We began the research by getting five quotes from different companies on two types of air-conditioning–conventional and a mini-split concept. In the end, we paid a little more for multi-zone high efficiency mini-split units, but were able to do the install ourselves. The AC guy we found was extremely kind, and simply started the units for us. He also ended up giving us a large amount of the duct work and registers that were left-overs from his previous jobs over the last thirty years. IMG_3470 The stories could go on and on of how God blessed us with really fun things at incredible prices, or free! The slate was left-over from a job and someone just gave it to us. The trim was the same. The sink and cabinet was on clearance.


The shower and surround were given to us by a man who Priscilla’s dad led to the Lord in Florida.20160423_184832

We, at last, turned our remodeling project into a living space just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day in our new home.

Moving Day:


If you follow us on social media, you would already know that we moved into our home. Though all of our renovations are not completed, a good number have been finished allowing us to move in.

The move happened on a Saturday. We were completely packed and out of the apartment by noon. We then took three hours to go through the our new house and remove our tools and do a deep cleaning. Then, within an hour, all of our things were out of the truck and in the house. Then the process, that takes so long, began–Unpacking and settling in.


God blessed with safety and efficiency in the whole move and we have happily moved into our new home. We still have much to do, but we have made one major step forward.IMG_3578

Priscilla’ Grandmother’s Passing:20160519_113617

One of the seasons that is a sobering time for reflection is the time of one entering into eternity. Thank you to all who have prayed for our family. Priscilla’s grandma (90) passed away on Sunday evening, May 15, 2016. We are so grateful that she placed her faith and trust in Jesus for her salvation and is now with her Heavenly Father. Though her death was sudden and relatively unexpected, she is now free from pain. IMG_3789

We are also grateful that all of her children and many of her grandchildren were able to attend the funeral in Fort Lauderdale. So many special memories!IMG_3791

All of Priscilla’s Dad’s siblings were able to come to the funeral and several spoke.

We even got to drive back to the Keller’s home with Priscilla’s younger sister, Susanna.

Taking Time for FunIMG_3016

With all of the busyness of life, we still have taken time to have some fun!IMG_3879

We were blessed to go to a beautiful waterfall with David’s younger sister Sarah. IMG_3888

Wherever Paul and Davia find themselves, they enjoy time with each other.IMG_3899

Tennis is a favorite way to get outside and get some exercise with family. David’s sister Rebecca is so much fun!

Paul never ceases to amaze us at his abilities with bats, rackets, and balls. He is so much fun!


  1. How is it that you can go out alone once a week? Who watches the kids?

    1. Author

      We are blessed to have David’s siblings nearby who are happy to babysit.

  2. I’m truly sorry to read about the loss of Priscilla’s Grandma.

    Both of my Grams are gone now. Nothing ever really replaces the loss of such a foundation in the family.

    Sending prayers to comfort in your time of loss.

    Glad to read/see that you guys have moved into the new house.

    How do you like the mini-split system?

    We have been thinking about it for our house. The central air cools the downstairs but upstairs (the bedrooms) can be as much as 30 degrees difference in temp.

    Blessings to y’all…especially Priscilla and the growing little one.

  3. Please pass our condolences to Mr. Keller on the passing of his mother. We will be praying for the family during this time.

  4. You and Priscilla are an inspiration. A Christian marriage, the way you love and respect one another and the fun you have together. You were indeed blessed when you remodeled your home. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!

  5. Sorry to hear of your loss. May she rest in peace.
    Marilyn and Family

  6. Thank you for sharing your faithful lives! The two of you have been such an inspiration to me since I heard you two speak in Indiana last year. I will always cherish Priscilla taking the time to pray and talk with me. Her kindness helped guide me tremendously.
    I hope this message finds you families happy and healthy in His Hands! I’m sure the future holds many blessings for your growing family. Best wishes, always!

  7. I just love this precious family. Thank you for the sweet update.

  8. Hi david and Priscilla
    i just wanted to say ya’lls house is beautiful it looks like it is really coming along nicely. Sorry to hear about your grandmother Priscilla thats unfortunate.I am glad to hear she was a Christian.Please say a prayer for me i am going to be starting a new internship with mentally ill people. I have also been having bad infections please pray that they would heal soon i know i dont know u well but i just thought i would ask

  9. I was so happy when I received your new post in my email! I’ve been waiting! I’m always uplifted & inspired by your posts. It’s such a blessing to me to be able to follow your family thru good & tuff times & see that no matter what you always stay focused on the Lord when others might pull away, your faith is amazing & truly inspirational. I send my condolences & prayers to you on the loss of your grandmother. I’m so happy that your family is now living in your new home. Finished or not I’m sure it feels good to finally be getting settled. May the Lord bless your whole family & may He make more quiet times to honor Him, reflect & make new posts!!

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