Last Miles

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About half way through the Family Connections Tour, we were in Florida and had the opportunity to visit Priscilla’s Family. We had also planned in an intense week of Prison Ministry similar to what we had done a year ago in hosting a Journey to the Heart in the prison. Of course, "missionary Mike Keller" is Priscilla’s dad and has spent over twenty years ministering to the incarcerated.


Priscilla’s dad wrote the book, Breaking the Bondage of Addictions. This one book has helped scores of inmates come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as conquer tough addictions. It has become very useful to inmates of all ages through its simple analogies, large print, and easy to relate writing style. The Kellers have given and sent this book free of charge. You can obtain a copy by writing to: Freedom in Truth Ministries, PO BOX 326, Interlachen FL 32148


On our final day in Florida, we took some time for recreation and fellowship. Some of David’s siblings were down to help with the prison ministry so they stayed over for some of the fellowship as well.DavidlovesPriscilla1013141224a_thumb.jpg

Here, David’s brother Samuel takes on "little David" in Florida’s version of hockey.


After a good hard game of soccer the boys remind themselves that they are related and like each other, otherwise competition can get the better of them.


During one of the days while many were ministering in prison, Priscilla and her mother took a group of friends and family to Silver Springs, a Keller family favorite.


Paul enjoyed his time with "Grandma Keller."


Some of the boys even got to canoeing in Silver Springs which is known for its Florida wildlife including his high alligator population.


Not too long after David and Priscilla were married, Priscilla’s friend Tia was also married. She has a son not too much younger than Paul. Priscilla enjoyed catching up with her friend.


Paul is so spoiled to have so many uncles around who love playing with him.


He certainly does not mind being the center of attention :-).

Fall is Here at Last!


How cute can these three be? On the last stop of our tour we were in Minnesota where David’s two remaining grandparents live.


David’s Grandma was so glad to see Paul and some of his cousins.


One of the new things that Paul has learned is how to give hugs, and he sure knows how to give some good ones. Sometimes he will pat his mommy’s tummy and say,
“Baby” The problem is when he comes to his daddy and does the same thing :-). He will understand soon.


Fall has this incredibly inspiring feel: the cool weather with early sunsets. The crisp mornings with the leaves falling in their beautiful array of colors. Here are some more pictures that we snapped on one of those inspiring afternoons.


Paul really enjoyed playing in the leaves and we put up with it even if we were on our way home from church.


What a blessing to have a child who is full of energy and loves life.


Paul has a strange delight in balls and finds anything that remotely looks like a ball appealing.


“Grandpa Don” is now 88 years old. We were super glad to see him.


Here were were delighted to have a special dinner together after arriving home. Oh, how good to be home after being on the road for nine weeks.


David’s parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on November 16. They have been such an example for us.


What would a Waller family get-together be like without a little action.


They all enjoy some healthy competition and good exercise.


A church in the area was having a missions conference that we like to attend so several of David’s family came over to make a Mongolian dish they enjoyed when they were serving in Mongolia called buuz.


Paul and his cousin Abigail are a basket of fun!


Paul made himself right at home as well. He loves to “help” mom with baking projects.

Baby Reveal Party

Many of you have asked about the baby reveal party. We can’t wait to tell the results! It was so much fun that TLC captured it on camera along with a visit from Josh and Anna Duggar which will be shown on TLC. The RV trip will be shown on November 12 and the Reveal party on the November 18. However, keep checking back, because if our little baby comes before November 18th, we don’t have to keep it a secret any longer. Check back soon!