Happy Birthday Paul!

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Birthdays are one of the special ways to thank the Lord for the blessing of the life He has given. It is also a great opportunity to make your children feel special and capture fun memories together. Paul has been such a joy to have in our lives and it is hard to picture how life would be without him! We feel like we are the most blessed parents on the face of the earth!

Birthday With The Keller Family in Florida

The famous Duggar Ice Cream Cake could not be more simple to make but is so yummy and loved by all!

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Simply layer ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream along with chocolate and caramel syrup and top it with some fun designs or candy such as M&M’s and you have a party favorite! Paul enjoyed it along with a good handful of aunts and uncles.
DavidlovesPriscilla0317152116aThis short video of Paul blowing out his own candles for the first time is priceless!



Paul eagerly opened his gift and was delighted to see a foam baseball bat and soft ball. He loves to play with balls, especially when he can hit them around.DavidlovesPriscilla0317152049“Batter’s up!” Paul takes a swing with his new toys from Grandpa and Grandma Keller!

Celebrating Paul’s Birthday at the Ocean

If you live in Florida and consider yourself conservative Christians, you eventually learn places to go to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation without having to be exposed to all of the things the world associates with the beach.

In fact, visiting the ocean can be very fun and wholesome as a family. Paul absolutely loved the water! Check out this video.


Priscilla and Mom Keller enjoyed visiting while holding Davia before she went down for a nap.


After a fun early morning at the Ocean, Dad Keller took us all out for a very special lunch at Corky Bells– the place Priscilla and David eat at right after they were engaged and the place at which Josh and Anna were engaged (Formerly called Gators Landing).DavidlovesPriscilla0316151456

We paused outside the restaurant for a quick family picture.  What a fun time it has been here in Florida!


  1. Happy Birthday Paul! It looks like y’all had a wonderful time! Paul really walloped that first pitch! He gave it a Waller Wallop!! :O) I continue to be blessed by your Godly example and love your updates. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. HI Paul, Hope you had a nice birthday. Looks like you had a lot of funwith your bat and ball. Getting ready for opening day of major league baseball? You are a cutie. God Bless you and yours.
    Joan,Marion And Marilyn

  3. If you do not mind my asking…What beach did you visit? I have been looking for a beach that I can take my children to that is more private. I have my sights set on Cape San Blas but would love to know of any other private and more secluded beaches.

  4. Happy Birthday cutie! Hope to see you this summer here in Cali?!?! Let us know! 😉

  5. Happy birthday sweet little Paul!. Hey Priscilla can you give me the Recipe for Paul’s birthday
    Ice cream cake please that sounds so Good!

  6. Beautiful family, precious memories. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing a fine example so that your fellow brothers in Christ may be encouraged.

  7. It has been such a blessing witnessing the light of Christ through your family. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many on how to live righteously, always seeking to serve the Lord. Happy second birthday to your little one! You two are phenomenal parents, and what a blessed child Paul is, that he has parents who put there sole trust in God, letting Him lead the way.

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