Florida Prison Ministry

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We are so blessed to have family who love the Lord and serve Him! Mom and Dad Keller have faithfully been involved in prison ministry for nearly twenty years. God has used them in a powerful way. We have had several opportunities to work with them and teach in the prisons that they have been involved in.DavidLovesPriscilla25

February 29-March 6, around 120 volunteers served in six different prisons and ministered to seven different groups of inmates ranging from those who have multiple life-sentences to those who have much lighter sentences. We conducted a Journey to the Heart encouraging each inmate to journey to God’s heart while allowing God to journey to their heart. The response of the inmates was so encouraging! We praise the Lord for the commitment of each volunteer who served between 60-70 hours in the prison.DavidLovesPriscilla01

We not only coordinated the prison ministry but we also had the privledge of cooking for the volunteers. This is one of several grocery runs.

Each of the volunteers arrive at prison at around 8:30am each day and serve until 4pm. Then from 4-6pm a mandatory count time for the inmates occurs so the volunteers are able to come out of the prison environment for a little bit and have a nice meal and sharing time together before going back in from 6-8pm. This continues for seven days giving ample opportunity to get to know the inmates and help them to a deeper walk with the Lord. Many of the inmates have heard the Gospel preached many times, but few have really been discipled.

We were so grateful for a good team who diligently supported the volunteers through cooking, cleaning and so many more details.DavidLovesPriscilla17

We took them all out to Steak ‘n Shake for a nice treat to reward them for their diligent effort.

Family Time


One of the side benefits for us serving in the prisons of Florida is that we are able to stay with family. Priscilla had fun spending time with three of her eight siblings.DavidLovesPriscilla06

Paul got to spend time with his cousin, Noelle. They had so much fun together!DavidLovesPriscilla07

Davia enjoyed all of the extra attention she received from her aunt and uncles!DavidLovesPriscilla09

Paul and Noelle are only two months apart in age and enjoy playing together. You can definitely tell that they are cousins by their similar looks.DavidLovesPriscilla10

Paul is going to be turning three on March 16 and so we celebrated his birthday a bit early!DavidLovesPriscilla11

Paul loved hitting the pinata that “Aunt Suze” got for him. Each one took some swings, but it was Paul who busted it open to see the first few pieces of candy fly out.DavidLovesPriscilla14

It also made for good sister time as Priscilla and her sister Susanna took time with each other.DavidLovesPriscilla18

Visit to the Ocean!


One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to the ocean. The Kellers have found a very quiet place near a retirement community and across from Fort Matanzas to be a good place to bring the family. DavidLovesPriscilla12

Fort Matanzas not only has a lot of history attached to it, but they offer a free boat ride to tour the old fort. This has become a family highlight each year.DavidLovesPriscilla13

We paused for a moment before boarding the boat for a tour to take a picture.DavidLovesPriscilla04

Just before leaving the ocean, we noticed the words carved into the sand, “Cruz for Florida.” We are grateful that a man of character, integrity and courage is running for office. We pray not just for a good leader, because our hope for our nation is not in the president, but in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is, however, our moral duty to do all we can to vote into office leaders who stand for truth and righteousness. DavidLovesPriscilla05

Marineland Experience


One of the young people who volunteered to serve in the prisons works at Marineland and offered to treat us all to a tour.DavidLovesPriscilla20

Paul was fascinated by the dophins! We were so blessed to be able to see them up close.DavidLovesPriscilla21


There was a glass window that the dolphins continued to come near. They seemed especially facinated by Davia.DavidLovesPriscilla23

One of the baby dolphins especially kept visiting Davia and would hang out looking at her or following her hand on the other side of the glass.DavidLovesPriscilla24

“The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land” (Psalm 95:5).


  1. Davia is the spitting image of her mommy. What a sweet little face in that last photo. Happy Birthday to Paul! We share a birthday!

  2. David & Pricilla thank you so much for sharing your lives thru words & video. I look forward to every new blog post & video. It’s so refreshing seeing a young couple like yourselves living for the Lord. I’m older than both of you & it’s wonderful just to see your faith & dedication. So many young people today well it’s sad & disappointing. I am of a different faith then you all, but I get so much joy & motivation to do all I can to serve the Lord. Happy Birthday to your beautiful son & a hug for your beautiful daughter. Thank you both again. May the Lord bless you both,your children,family & your wonderful inspiring work.
    . Ann Martinez

  3. Oh your posts make me smile from ear to ear. So much love for you guys and your growing family! I am expecting my first in October and can’t wait to start a sweet family of my own.

  4. Just wondering if Priscilla still goes in to minister to the ladies in prison?

    1. Author

      Yes, Priscilla continues to minister especially in the ladies prisons!

  5. I love your wonderful and encouraging posts. So glad you were able to enjoy time with your family, happiness is all over your faces! Priscilla’s Mom’s eyes Are always smiling,, I can’t help but smile when I see pictures of her 🙂 She seems like such a sweet lady.

    Please give us all an update on the house when you get a chance! All us DIY-ers are itching for more pics!

  6. I always get so excited whenever I see that y’all have an update to share!! Priscilla is looking radiant as always and the kids are growing like little weeds. When is baby #3 due and are you going to reveal the gender/name before the birth? I love y’all and I’m always praying for you! <3

    And as soon as the house is finished please share pictures!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finally completed! 🙂

  7. Becky M., they are due in October of this year. It’s in their Feb 2016 posting titled Davia is a big sister. Dear Mr and Mrs Waller: I’m also excited to see the progress on your new TX home and would love to see pictures as well!

  8. What a cool experience you all have had a lot of fun things that you have done and what a blessing to serve in the prison ministry.My sister is in love with dolphins and would be so jealous to see these pictures i am i wish i could go there.Glad ya’ll got to go

  9. Your blog is so encouraging. I wish my family could have the strong relationships you do.

  10. They truely are amazing people!What selfLESS things they do for other people!I admire them!Its so cute how Paul is a little David and Davia is a little Priscilla!They look like they had a blast in Florida!They deserve it!

  11. How is the pregnancy going? Do you know the gender. I would love to hear an update on Priscilla’s being pregnant.

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