Finish Strong

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How many times in life do we need to be reminded to finish strong. So many of us are quick to start something then loose interest and relax our efforts. The key is to finish strong. We had to be reminded of this after being on the road for nearly ten weeks and traveling over 12,000 miles. We are very grateful for the work God did in us as well as through us over the past few months. The time was busy, but fruitful.


Someone once said that a runner has two fears; First, that he will not finish the race, second, that he will finish with energy left over. We definitely gave it our best and were glad to arrive home having run well, but very glad to be able to rest and recuperate.


We spent around six weeks living out of the motor home as well as staying in different people’s home along the way. Paul is always eager to help when he can :-).


One of our stops was in Washington D.C.


It also was a huge blessing to be traveling together as a family.


It was fun to take a few hours out of the trip and see some of the memorials.


Here at a stop in Virginia, we enjoyed getting to know the Wilkes Family and several other families who came over for an evening of fellowship and preaching.


So much fun to be able to meet up with friends along the way.


Here at the Atlanta, GA area we enjoyed a good full day of sharing powerful life-changing messages.


Priscilla got to meet up with one of the moms and her daughter that we have gotten to know


Here in Orlando FL, we had a Family Connection that nearly filled the church. It was a sweet time of fellowship and preaching all day Saturday.



  1. Great pictures! You must be filled with gratitude for the opportunities Jesus gave you to share with others.

    Priscilla looks radiant! Do you mind sharing when her due date is?

    Joyfully His,

      1. Do you mean November 13? Either way, I’m keeping you and Priscilla in my prayers. I’m pregnant with my second as well, due one month after Priscilla.

  2. November 13th was my original due date with my son, but he was born on November 8th. 🙂

    Good luck Priscilla!!! 😀

  3. Praying for you and Priscilla during this time as the due date is so close! My birthday is November 12th, maybe we’ll end up with the same birthday! Hahaha You have been such an inspiration and I love watching your videos.

    Lots of love and prayers,

  4. Hi David and Priscilla,
    We just wanted to thank you for your time and energy driving all over to meet us and others for the “family connections”. We truly enjoyed the fellowship too! Priscilla thank you for praying for me. We will be praying for you and your new baby. Praying also for a smooth birth and recovery. Thank you for your frienship!
    Love your friends in Oklahoma,
    Jared and Brandy McComb

  5. Greetings from California. Our family always appreciates the wonderful example you set for Christian families. You are so often a source of encouragement to us, strengthening our faith and our resolve to always work hard for the Lord.

  6. Thank you so much for making a stop at the Wilkes Family Home! That evening was such a blessing to me and I was able to take that info back to my husband (which was a blessing to him). We were so thankful for that evening and it was so great to meet you and spend time talking to your family!

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