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5 Days til Christmas ~ Serve

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People love to be served. All of us have at one time or another been served by someone. The amazing thing about serving is that God rewards it greatly and actually makes it a prerequisite to greatness. Give the Gift of a Sacrificial Act of Service Serving others is a basis of any booming industry. When the focus turns to …

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6 Days til Christmas ~ Encouragement

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The word encouragement literally means to instill courage. Many people today find themselves in hopeless situations or surrounded by daunting tasks. They are tempted to give up until someone like you comes along and gives them what they need most–an encouraging word. Give a Word of Encouragement I remember clearly the day I was sitting at the piano and trying …

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10 Days til Christmas ~ Greetings

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Most of us have heard the expression “nobody is perfect.” Yet Jesus gave us the command to “be perfect.” He made it even more precise by saying, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). How is this possible? The Power Of the Perfect Greeting: In the context of this command, we …

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11 Days till Christmas ~ Praise

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Precise word of praise for demonstrating character Praising a person for the character they demonstrate is one of the best ways to promote good character. Too often, we nag and criticize our siblings, spouse, pastor, coworker or even our friend. However, if we are able to take the time and effort to highlight a character quality they have demonstrated, it …

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Thanksgiving in Florida

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Thanksgiving in Florida always has it’s special traditions as the Kellers host family and friends. This year was no exception as we did their annual Thanksgiving chain. It is a very simple but meaningful tradition where each person in the family writes down one thing they are thankful for from throughout the year. Each person adds to their chain in …

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National Bible Bee

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The opportunity arose for us to attend the National Bible Bee event where families from all around the nation came together to have the final rounds of competition. Far from most competitions such as sports or county fairs, this competition involved the most important discipline of the Christian life—the memorization of God’s Word. Young people worked diligently for months. Many …