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Trip to California

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Recently, we had the opportunity to go to help with our third Regional Homeschooling Conference. This time, it was out in Sacramento, California. Looking at the many ways to travel out there with the twenty or so staff needed to run the conference and noticing the price hikes in all the flights out there, we decided to take a bus …

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Marathon in Duluth

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Heavy fog, a light drizzling rain, in 42-55 degree temperatures was not an ideal Saturday for most people in Duluth, MN, but for the thousands of marathoners gathered, it was great weather for breaking new time records. For us, it was simply a miracle that we were attempting to run the race. Both Samuel and David sustained sports injuries which …

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Baby Coming Soon!

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Priscilla is doing great and enjoying continued strength and energy as she enters her 38th week of pregnancy. We are very excited to see our little son. Today, we took a little time to put up a portion of a Bible verse from John 10:27. The verse quotes Jesus when He said, “My sheep hear my voice…” There are many …

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Happy Valentines Day!

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Our day has been a very happy one. One filled with special tokens of love with chocolate, flowers, and time together, topped by a special dinner out. However, I feel like every day of our married bliss has been so special because love has been shown in the times of great fun and also in the challenges of life. True …