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Family Time In Northwoods

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This year, we were blessed to once again gather at a beautiful retreat center that is within a few hours drive of the Waller Family Farm. Together in the Northwoods Mealtime with the Wallers is often a great time to connect and talk over lots of plans and ideas as well as reminisce on fun memories from throughout the day. …

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Texas Convention

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This past week we went to Houston, Texas for a State home school convention. Since we were in town, we visited two of Priscilla’s Sisters who live there. David enjoyed visiting with his brother-in-law discussing concepts of leadership and management. Paul loved playing with all of his cousin’s toys. Priscilla with two of her sisters enjoyed good sister time. Paul loved playing …

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A West-Coast Escapade

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During our trip throughout the West-Coast, we had the blessing of combining a week-long conference with a vacation celebrating Priscilla’s Birthday and topped the whole trip off with a wedding of some friends. This two week escapade was packed full of fun and family time. Not everyone has the privilege of traveling like we do, but with it can come some …

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Arkansas Wedding!

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On June 21st, we had the privilege of witnessing Jill Duggar joining Derick Dillard for a life of wedded bliss. What a blessing to see two vibrant young people begin a life focused on the Lord, each other, and those around them whom they can serve. One of the main draws in taking the nine hour trip down  to Arkansas …

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May Adventures

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If you were on your death bed, your last dying wish would probably not be to have had had a better car or that you had spent more time on your favorite hobby. It would probably be something to do with relationships and wishing you had spent more time with your family, deepened your relationship with your wife, or spent more …

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Time With Family

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Around a month ago, we camped out at Chick-fil-a in line to be one of the first one hundred guests served at an opening restaurant. Another restaurant was going to be opening soon and Priscilla’s brothers, Nathan and David Keller were excited about the prospect of being able to go camping for the first time. David still had some office …

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Paul is a Big Brother!!!

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Friends and family, Paul is going to have a lot more responsibility come mid November 2014 because a little sibling is on the way! We are so excited to be expecting another little blessing. [youtube][/youtube] A critical decision when getting married is not just who you will marry, but do you agree on the issues of children and family life. …

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Paul’s First Birthday!

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Following Waller family tradition, David got up early on Sunday morning, March 16 and made a batch of “Swedish Pancakes” for Paul’s birthday breakfast–A special treat that is made to be remembered. Often, it goes along with an omelet, bowl of cereal or fruit. The Swedish Pancake recipe is so simple, most Wallers have it memorized: 1 C Flour, 1 …