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10 Days til Christmas ~ Greetings

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Most of us have heard the expression “nobody is perfect.” Yet Jesus gave us the command to “be perfect.” He made it even more precise by saying, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). How is this possible? The Power Of the Perfect Greeting: In the context of this command, we …

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Thanksgiving in Florida

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Thanksgiving in Florida always has it’s special traditions as the Kellers host family and friends. This year was no exception as we did their annual Thanksgiving chain. It is a very simple but meaningful tradition where each person in the family writes down one thing they are thankful for from throughout the year. Each person adds to their chain in …

The Pecan Story

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It all started so innocently. We were on our way down after completing a wonderful time at the National Bible Bee. God seemed to ordain every step we took. We were dropping off a co-worker and would pick them up again on the way back up North. It was on our way and not an inconvenience at all and to …

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Will You Be A Daniel?

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October 31st has for centuries been celebrated in many different ways. Growing up, there was encouragement by well meaning neighbors and friends to celebrate by dressing up in costumes of all sorts and parading the neighborhoods soliciting candy. My wise parents sought a fun alternative. Realizing that we would be standing alone by not participating they quickly thought of a …

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It’s a BOY!!!

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We are thrilled to announce to you that we are expecting a baby boy. We are due on March 9 and are super excited for all God has done! Truly, we feel like we are blessed to overflowing! God is SO GOOD! Thanks for voting! Here are the results of the polls: We also had the opportunity to go to …

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~ Happy Fall ~

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We love the Fall, especially with the leaves changing. As a Florida girl, it has been really fun for Priscilla to  get to enjoy all four seasons. Watch the video to find out some of the lessons God has taught Priscilla through watching the beauty of God’s creation. Priscilla’s Reflections At a busy intersection near Chicago, Priscilla pauses to reflect …

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Zesty Cooking!

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Have you ever heard of someone craving something while pregnant? We sure know about that now! One or Priscilla’s favorite genres of food is Mexican. That urge combined with our love for hospitality made yesterday evening a ton of fun. Friends + Food = Fiesta Two young ladies who grew up in Mexico at an orphanage have become quite the …

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A Legacy of Love

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Demonstrating genuine love might seem simple to some, but as a teenager, showing love to an irritating younger brother can be far harder than desired, but the rewards made a life-long impact. Love Your Irritations Into Friends Isaac, David’s older brother choose to let his younger brother tag along for an afternoon down at the creek and the turn of …