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This past week, we caught our first glimpse of our little baby which we are thrilled to welcome into this world in October! We were so tempted to find out the gender as we watched the technician do the 20 week ultrasound, but we had both agreed before time to wait to find out until the birth. These little glimpses are so special and with technology today, we even got to see the 3-D live. Paul and Davia were excited!

Rodeo Action:

The Texas experience would not quite be complete without taking in a good rodeo. Such an opportunity came last week and we couldn’t pass it up. DavidLovesPriscilla17

Paul has enjoyed pretending to ride a horse and be a cowboy for quite a while. Living in the country, we drive past cattle nearly every day, so it was fun for Paul to see them in a little more action. (After snapping this picture, we noticed the rainbow in the upper right corner. God’s promise has not failed!)DavidLovesPriscilla14

Calf Scramble

One of the fun activities that the Gladewater Rodeo offered was a Calf Scramble to see who could grab the ribbon off the tail of the calf. It was for children nine and younger and those five and under were supposed to be held by a parent. Thus, Daddy and Paul went for a quick jog and ended up getting the prize: One pizza a month for 12 months! I supposed the bigger prize was the fun memory this makes for all of us.

Paul was thrilled to get the ribbon. When we finished, we tried to explain about the pizza, but he had in his mind that a prize would would be candy. Thankfully, we had a treat along that was “a prize” according to his expectation.


It was fun to have some of David’s siblings around for the rodeo as well. Paul and Davia enjoyed being with “uncle Sam” and “Aunt Rebecca.”

Fishing for Fun

DavidLovesPriscilla04 One of the fun evenings we spent as a family recently was at a lake nearby.
DavidLovesPriscilla05 After only an hour, we had caught two bass that were keepers and a good bunch of sunfish that made for exciting fishing for the children.

Paul and Davia are still a bit shy when it comes to touching the fish. They would prefer to simply be spectators for that part.

Home Improvements!

We are glad to see progress on little projects around the house. One of them is just for looks. The wood stove surround was a fun project to knock out.  DavidLovesPriscilla09
As with most projects, it is not quite done, but it is a huge stride closer to being done. We still want to wrap the base with some wide oak planks that were cut from trees off of the Waller Family Farm in Wisconsin.


    1. She just happens to be standing in front of a “boy” sign at the thrift store, but they really don’t know yet. How exciting to do it the “old-fashioned way” and let it be a surprise!

  1. Dearest Waller Family,
    Thank you for sharing your family, life and work with us. I was especially thankful for Priscilla’s message to us mommies. You are always such an encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord! I hope you enjoying this time while your little one is growing strong.
    If you don’t mind, may I include your family in our prayers? Ya’all have brought so many blessings to my life, without even knowing it!
    I know that this message will find you safe in our Lord’s hands:)

    In Christ,
    Rachel Birks

  2. Very exiting! We didn”t know the gender with our oldest three children and loved the surprise! (two girls and one boy)

    I wondered if Rachelle and Valerie already gave birth to their babies.

    Greetings from Holland and wishing you Gods blessings for your family.

  3. Priscilla, thank you for taking the time to record such an encouraging, biblical message. You are a beautiful lady on the inside and out, and have such a sweet and kind way about you. It is evident that you are a woman who seeks to grow closer to the Lord and be a godly wife and mother. I pray daily for God to help me be a godly wife and mother, and I find it encouraging when other women strive to do the same.

    Congratulations on the news of your 3rd blessing on the way! You have a beautiful family and your home will soon be filled with even more joyful noise. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend and, David, Happy Father’s Day!

  4. I am so excited for your family!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what the Lord blesses you with. Your blog is such an encouragement to me!

    May God continually to bless your sweet family!!

  5. Do you have any baby names picked out? You should do a video house tour or a before and after video once the main projects are completed. There are lots of cute (and cheap) kid room decoration ideas on and iKia has affordable kid sized stuff. Simple things like a colorful paint for the walls or flowers planted outside are good fixes too in order to make an older house feel like a home.

  6. I always feel sorry for the animals at a rodeo. They seem sad and scared. If you look at things from their point of view you would feel scared too! Poor little cow.

    1. I agree with Mary! I will never go to a rodeo! Knowing what they do to the animals to make them jump and run, no way I don’t support that! No human being should support that or think of it as “fun” or entertaining. How would we like things done to us to make us run or jump? Animals feel pain just like people do.

  7. On the topic of sharing, here’s something that worked for me when my kids were small. When friends were coming over, I would ask my daughter (age 2-3) if there was any toy or other item that she did not want to share with her friends that day. If there was, I would give her the option of putting that item away until after the friends went home. That way, she was able to feel some control over what to share, but she also understood that all of the other toys could be shared. This made sharing easier!

  8. I’m SO happy for your family! Praise the Lord for the blessing of life He gives to each one of us. I think it’s great y’all are keeping the baby a surprise! It just adds to the anticipation and it makes it more fun! My family has never found out what we’re going to have and I think it’s fun! 🙂 Maybe my new sibling and your baby will be birthday twins 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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