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Priscilla is doing great and enjoying continued strength and energy as she enters her 38th week of pregnancy. We are very excited to see our little son. Today, we took a little time to put up a portion of a Bible verse from John 10:27. The verse quotes Jesus when He said, “My sheep hear my voice…” There are many analogies in the Bible used to illustrate principles of truth. This illustration is not a very flattering one. Jesus likens believers to sheep. Having raised a few myself while growing up I know that they are not the smartest animals in the world. They are also some of the most defenseless. Yet, they have one very distinct quality. They recognize and follow the sounds they associate with protection, and provision. My sheep knew the sound of a bucket with some feed. As Christians, it is so important that we know the voice of our Good Shepherd. When He speaks, he always is in accordance with His Word. He always gives peace with what He directs. He also provides for what he directs. That is why it is so important to know His voice. There are many others calling for our attention, but He is the only One who can give lasting peace, direction, and provision.

Priscilla Shares A Verse



  1. What a beautiful theme for your baby boys room! That is so precious and so remarkable how you all are already reading the Bible to him! Praying for a safe delivery and healthy mommy and baby!MAY God bless you all and keep doing his work! Remember only one life will soon be past only whats done for Christ will lasts!

  2. Dear David & Priscilla,

    Warm greetings from Australia!

    It’s such an inspiration to see you both preparing for to see your little son. I was personally encouraged to continue listening to & following God’s voice through Priscilla’s sharing – thank you and please continue to do these when time allows! ūüôā May God richly bless you both as you continue to walk in His ways, and all the very best for delivery!

  3. What a blessed blessing this post was.

    A Shepherd should always show his sheep the true path. It then allows the Shepherd to share better sweat fellowship with his sheep which is a true blessing.

    Blessings to you both
    Stevie M

  4. God bless you two and your little boy! I’m praying for peace for you all and a safe, healthy, easy delivery for you, Priscilla. *HuGs*

  5. God bless your family and your little baby boy. I can¬īt wait to see how he looks like, He will be adorable for sure.
    Regards from Colombia.

  6. So, if per Priscilla, sheep are dumb animals, and you’re equating your beautiful new addition as a sheep, does that mean your son is dumb?

    I honestly do love your website and the positive energy that you two exude.

    God bless you both in being amazing parents (to be!)

    1. Author

      Yes, our little one is just like the rest of us: “dumb sheep” compared to our infinately wise, all knowing and loving Shepherd.

  7. We will pray for you as you both anticipate the arrival of your first child, a son! Thank you for your love for the Lord and for each other and for your baby son that you show us on your website. You are a testimony of His saving grace and His sanctification. You are blessed by God! Number 6:24-26

  8. Thank you for posting this video, and keeping us all updated!
    Praying for y’all!
    Blessings as you continue to prepare for your precious son’s arrival!


  9. Best wishes to you both, David and Priscilla! Your love of God is so evident, and your baby boy is very fortunate to have you as his earthly parents. Priscilla, I wish you a speedy and safe delivery, and I would love to see your baby born on March 9th because that is my birthday! God bless you all!!

  10. Ah, I love it! And I love the sheep curtains, too! It is inspiring to see how much you love your son and want him to love and serve the Lord! And Priscilla, you look fantastic! I will lift you all up in prayer as you reach the end of one journey and the beginning of another. God’s blessings!!!

  11. Can you do a tour of the house? I love all the pictures you post and the video of the baby room. I’d love to see how it all comes together! God bless you and your little son! I cant wait for the next update!

  12. The illustration also helps us see that we should be humble, meek, and teachable in our worship.
    So excited for you. You’re inspiring.

  13. Hello David and Priscilla!
    I am so happy and excited for you guys. Priscilla you great! I am praying that you will have a safe labor and delivery and it goes smoothly for you. I love the Bible verse! We are dumb sheep so true!! And we need listen to the Shepherd!! You guys are a big blessing to me! God bless you both and your little boy!
    Don’t Quit!
    Catherine K

  14. Sorry Priscilla you look great!!
    Sorry about that!
    Don’t Quit!!
    Catherine K

  15. Wow – Priscilla just grew overnight! I can imagine your son will be here any day now.

    Can I ask where you got the image of the baby? I’ve seen those around in homes and I’m curious where people have bought them and the reasoning behind them.

    1. Author

      It is called the baby egg and it chronicles the life of a baby with pencil sketch each week of life and its approximate size. Really quite fun!

  16. HI Priscilla.
    Our Lord gives us all the gift of being creative, and I just wanted to say that I am so blessed in seeing how creative you are in teaching God’s word to your son, with ideas of the sheep and God’s voice ect. This has encouaged me to be more crative in the way I share the love of our Lord and saviour, not only to new people I meet but also with my freinds and family in daily life for God’s Glory.May I also encouage you as a sister in christ to keep fighting the good fight, God knows the way you take and He will keep you and give you strengh. Just keep looking to our Lord.
    Praying for you and for the baby. Blessings.

  17. I really enjoy reading your posts and bearing witness to the Lord’s work in your lives. Your example is inspirational and God bless you as you move into a new phase of life as parents!

  18. Praying for an easy delivery! Thank you for your blessed example. You both will be wonderful parents!

  19. Pricilla looks so beautiful and so big! Baby Boy s coming soom. Prayers for a good delivery and joy in the morning of your new son. Slow down and get your rest as rest doesn’t come with a new baby to care for. Will you have a family member coming to help out in the first few weeks?

    Blessigns, Mrs. Mari

  20. Pricilla you look AMAZING! Thankyou David and Pricilla, I look at you site from time to time and it is always a great encouragement. Thankyou also to you both for putting your time and energy into the ‘virtual’ area of your lives. It is such a blessing. You are in our prayers for a safe and healthy delivery ūüôā , we have four boys so far and they are such a joy. – An Australian mum.


    Congratulations on your new baby BE VERY EXCITED BECAUSE SOME MISSING AND ONLY FOR BIRTH DAY May God bless and have a delivery priscilla

  22. Hi David and Priscilla

    I am happy to greet you and thank you for giving us oppurtunity to learn a little about their lives want to tell you both that I admire very much for the way to wear your faith and give their lives to God’s Will for teaching us that must never forget that Our faith must be blind to our Creator and thus ONLY GOOD THINGS hAPPEN IN OUR LIVES.

    priscilla you look very cute with your pregnancy have a very sweet voice voice will surely enjoy your baby and god bless you and help you to have a peaceful birth mother and to be truthful is a very rewarding job and a blessing that God sends us.

  23. love the theme you choose for the baby’s room and what a great reminder we just had a sermon on this verse this past Sunday at Chruch so this was just a reminder of Sunday’s Sermon thank you for the reminder Love how God works

  24. This is to Priscilla – you are a fine example, and have made me think about being more submissive to my husband. You and Anna and the Duggars have also really inspired me to look at how I dress. I love the modest and feminine way of dress, and am working to balance that so I’m modest, yet still attractive for my husband. I think I swung too much toward looking dumpy at first. You always look so pretty, and I appreciate your fine example in all areas.

  25. Just stumbled on this whilst surfing the net a quote from Charles H
    Spurgeons sermon no1988 on children it seemed so apt after watching Priscillas video!!!This is only a few lines towards the end its well worth reading in its entirety.
    “Pray for them that they may not run into the world and fall into the evils of sin, and then come back broken to the Good Shepherd, but that they may by Gods rich grace be kept from the paths of the wicked one and grow up in the fold of Christ, first as lambs in His flock and then as sheep of His hand ” 1887.
    Love at this exciting time from the UK,

  26. Hi David,
    I know you and Priscilla are very busy with the baby coming, but I wanted to ask if Priscilla new how Anna makes those paper flower pins? I don’t mind if Anna sends it to me, because as I said you are very busy.

  27. David, Priscilla, and baby to be~
    We are so happy for both of you as you begin your life as parents.
    We live in Brooksville, FL….not too far from Priscilla’s family!
    We will be praying for a safe and easy delivery for Priscilla; and
    special blessings for you,Priscilla,and your new son. We are so happy to be a very small part of your life.
    Love and Blessings~
    Jean and Gary (Butler)

  28. You guys are cute. I am uplifted by your dedication to following God’s will and your obvious love for Him. I think the theme you chose for your nursery is perfect.

  29. I am 41, and was a Christian years ago. I may not believe in a technical Jesus, but I do VERY much believe in the concept of Jesus, and I REALLY, REALLY believe in God!! I am not married, but I’ve been engaged a few times. I just feel like I will never get married, and I feel like God has let me down sometimes. I do pray to him, but he never answer me!! I am not alway this upset really I am a usually happy person, but seeing your life, watching your wedding brought to me that I really want someone, and a family. I know you see my age, you think that I might be to late to have children, but I have polycisic ovarian disorder, so really don’t have a biological clock. I just hope that you will pray for me, and that one day soon I’ll be able to find the right man for me!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, and thanks for being you guys!! I really mean this GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

  30. I love your nursery and was wondering where you got your wall art bible verse and sheep from? Thanks!!

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