A Year & A Half

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This week we celebrated a year and a half of married bliss! Wow, time flies. We kicked off our anniversary by having an early morning date. We had to drop a friend off at the airport leaving our house at 3:30am. Since David’s family has been staying at our home this week, they kept an ear out for Paul while we dropped off our friend and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and time to talk. Marriage is a relationship, not an achievement or status and therefore, we are so grateful every time we are able to work on building and deepening our relationships together.

DavidlovesPriscilla00002It has been a blessing to have David’s parents with us for a time. They have enjoyed spoiling Paul by holding him at every chance they get and we have enjoyed the extra hands. It sure is a blessing to have Godly grandparents.

DavidlovesPriscilla00001Some people can shop til they drop, but Paul plays  until he can play no longer, then catches a quick nap before resuming. He really enjoys his Jumperoo.DavidlovesPriscilla00003

We were recently given several boxes full of cherry tomatoes.  David’s sister Rebecca and Priscilla quickly seized the opportunity to make gallons of tomato sauce. Yum! DavidlovesPriscilla00004Thanks to our Victorious Strainer, Rebecca and Priscilla simply blanched the cherry tomatoes and then ran them through the processor and in a matter of hours had over four gallons of sauce. DavidlovesPriscilla00005David came in for the last little bit to pour all the sauce into jars for the final step of canning them.DavidlovesPriscilla00006

On Thursday, we were blessed to be able to take the day off and go to the Illinois Beach State Park and enjoyed the cool water of Lake Michigan along with the bright sun. DavidlovesPriscilla00008

David’s brother Matthew sure has grown a lot. He has proudly passed David up in height. Matthew is the youngest of the Waller children and misses his older siblings a lot. He was glad to be able to play with David in the water and enjoy some fun Frisbee tosses.DavidlovesPriscilla00009We enjoyed attending a wedding yesterday and had the opportunity to take a new family picture! It seems that just about the time we take a picture, Paul has grown some more and the old one is out dated, so we take a picture any time we can. Someone once counseled us that attending weddings is a great way to strengthen your own marriage. Just hearing others repeating their vows “before God and these witnesses” and seeing their sincere love renewed in us a vigor to continue pursuing a dynamic marriage. Also, as a side note, one of our favorite preachers, David Gibbs, Jr. graciously sent us the little outfit for Paul. His messages have really challenged and strengthened our walk with the Lord.


  1. Paul is such an adorable baby! Congratulations on your anniversary. It’s good to see a happy couple acknowledge that marriage is a work in progress and that the efforts of strengthening it can be enjoyable.

  2. i love the family picture! Mrs. Waller, i love that sweater on you and the jewelry, peach looks great on you!=) And i love your smile, it comes straight from your heart! You have encouraged me to walk closer to the Lord. Oh, and every now and then i sit down and watch your wedding video, i love it! =)
    love and prayers, Symphony

  3. That is a very good family picture. So happy that everything is going well, Paul is growing so much! Happy year and a half! Time does fly, that’s why it is so important to not take time for granted. I know in my life there are times that I feel I try to jam everything into one day and before I realize it a month has gone by! Time with our spouse and children is so important and should come before all the petty things of this world. Looks like ya’ll have your priorities in order and I am so encouraged by your Godly example. Thank you for what you do and may God have the glory!

  4. Happy Anniversary David & Priscilla!!!1!!
    What a blessed encouragement you are.

    You looked hot on the beach David! I hope you used plenty of sun screen. The ocean and beach looked lovely, always a blessing to see the naturist parts of his creations.

    ‘The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.’Psalm 95:5


  5. your family picture looks great!! how old is Mathew? he’s very tall for being the youngest!!looks llike such a great time you all had!!!

  6. So happy to see you all so happy!! Paul is completely adorable and growing so fast. The video was very sweet and it was fun to see Paul in action!

    I’d be grateful if you would share your recipe for homemade tomato sauce. And in one of the pictures, did I spy some homemade jam on the table? I have never canned before, but my grandmother has been sharing a few recipes with me and I plan to put up some apple butter this year.

    I look forward to future updates! God bless!

  7. I too love to attend any and every wedding I’m invited too. Sadly for us, no one close enough to us has gotten married for quite awhile. I think there are seasons in our lives when we attend a lot, but then dry spells too. 🙁 They always make me cry because of the significance of the Eternal reaching in and touching the temporal with a covenant.

  8. I really love reading your blog – David, you have such a special family! Priscilla could not be more beautiful and your son is as handsome as can be! Please keep updating, your posts make my day!! 🙂 ~ Elly, a fan in Virginia

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