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God has blessed us once again with a special opportunity to travel all across the country to encourage families to center their lives around their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word. By the time we are finished with our travels we will have driven over 12000 miles and preached at over 30 meetings. In many ways, God has blessed us more than we have blessed others. We just want to highlight a few of the special times we have had traveling as a family. For a full listing of what we are doing, check out the website that lists our stops.

Duggar Family Visit

DavidlovesPriscilla0902142035e One stop very early in our trip was to the Duggar Family home. Not only did we enjoy an evening “Family Connection,” but we also enjoyed a lot of good fellowship before and after. It would not be quite complete without a good jamming session.



We even had the opportunity to show them what the Waller family has enjoyed while camping–foil dinners! Only this time we did it in their back yard.


David worked on the open fire with some of the guys and topped off the evening with some nice campfire s’mores.DavidlovesPriscilla0903141912

MacKynzie and Anna enjoyed assembling them with Priscilla.


It was so much for for the cousins to be together.DavidlovesPriscilla0903141941


Overall, the meal went over well and made for a bunch of fun memories!

Three Years Ago…

While visiting, we also had a special anniversary to remember of the beginning of our courtship relationship starting just three years ago. Listen to Anna and Priscilla as they reminisce on these memories:


Traveling as a Family



Paul has really enjoyed so many new experiences on this trip, including playing with a litter of miniature lab puppies that were only five days old.DavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0466

With all the many miles, it has been so helpful to have a motor home to travel in. We also have pulled a minivan for just these types of occasions–A flat tire.


Paul quickly made for a puddle to play in from the freshly fallen rain while the guys got the tire replaced.

Visiting Portland OregonDavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0402

We have so many special memories of visiting Portland and this visit brought a whole bunch more.DavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0397

We stopped for a time to get out and get some exercise hiking up and around Multnomah Falls.


When seeing sights such as this, the words of How Great Thou Art come to mind.


Our dear friends, Ben and Gina have kindly hosted us several times while we have visited Portland. Each time, it seems that God does a special work in our lives through them.

A Brother in the Lord and a Hero of the Faith

Brother Josef Tson has shared many powerful messages that have impacted our lives. These messages come from a life of challenge and difficulty that took place when Bro. Tson lived through intense persecution in communist Romania.DavidlovesPriscilla0923141437a

We had the privilege of visiting with Josef and his wife Elizabeth over lunch, thanks to the kindness of our friend, Bro. Ben.


Just over lunch, we enjoyed such rich fellowship as Bro. Tson shared story after story of the many times he witnessed God bring him through persecution. Check out his messages!


We were also blessed by very generous families who arranged meetings in homes and invited local families to participate in the food, fellowship and preaching.


Though traveling in a motor home can be more comfortable, we have found this particular one has some real challenges on driving up the mountains, especially when pulling the minivan. When our time got tight, we ended up driving separate so we could make it to our meeting on time. It is so nice to have David’s brother Derrick doing so much of the driving.


Each of David’s brothers have found a special way to encourage the people we come in contact with. Samuel made several friends along the way.DavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0359

The Waller brothers have also really enjoyed singing quartet numbers. A family who hosted us while we were in Pheonix captured one of the times they sang and posted a recorded a clip of them singing!


Several from our team have been able to share messages encouraging families and individuals to deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word.


Here is a picture of the border of Mexico. It is amazing the difference a few hundred feet can make.DavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0283

Paul finds fun wherever he goes, even if it makes a little more laundry for Priscilla.DavidlovesPriscillaDSCN0268

It has been so refreshing to visit with so many different families and individuals along the way.


The Clark Wilson family is from Mississippi and graciously allowed us to stay a night at their home. We enjoyed playing music together and talking about all that God is doing in our lives.


There are some very different sights and smells in the South.


This swamp is quite different than anything we had seen before.DavidlovesPriscilla0930142107

We were blessed to meet up with Priscilla’s sister, Susanna, on one of the evenings while we were in Houston.

Visiting the Denver Area


One particular family invited us to share in one of their home fellowship meetings which meets regularly in their garage. Over sixty people gathered to hear God’s Word shared.


In the afternoon we went out for a nice walk in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Here is a picture of “Red Rocks”


The beauty of God’s handiwork never ceases to amaze me.


Here you can almost catch a glimpse of the deer and a rainbow captured in one shot. The picture does not do it justice.

DavidlovesPriscilla0928141640Priscilla has done so well and is so ambitious even though she is expecting with just under two months to go.


Just after reaching the furthest point of our walk we got caught in a downpour but were glad to find a shelter.


So many people have generously poured out love to us treating us to so many special places and making so many special memories.DavidlovesPriscilla0917141502c

Paul is at such a stage that he loves to copy whatever he sees someone else do.


One of our stops was a Bible school that many of our friends have gone through. It is called the International Ministerial Institute.


What would an RV trip be like without a series of repairs. We actually replaced a good section of the roof.



Paul tends to illustrate so many life lessons for the rest of us to learn from. So much fun!DavidlovesPriscilla0908141352

We have often prayed that God would give us the privilege of leading people to a saving knowledge of His Son. This dear lady was an answer to that prayer!


  1. You guys are adorable! Come back to Australia 😀 Priscilla is such a champ doing all that whilst heavily pregnant and taking care of a toddler she is such an inspiration I love her peaceful spirit

  2. Sounds amazing! What fun to travel in an RV! I enjoyed all your pictures as always! I was so excited to come on your site & see a new post! I am sure Priscilla you are in a busy & tiring season at the moment as you are expecting & chasing around a toddler. I’m a stay at home-schooling mom of 5 amazing kids. My youngest being a 5 month old & a 3 yr old (rambunctious little boy;) it’s a busy season for me especially w/keeping up on all the other wonderful responsibilities that keep a home running. But at night I sometimes like to have a lil fun & I come on your sight & just hope to see a new post w/ some pictures! I feel so inspired & uplifted when I read thru your posts. I really wish I had a friend like you near by. I am blessed to have a Godly husband as you do too Priacilla. It’s just uplifting to be around others who share similar/same convictions, especially for us mothers. It would be great if we could keep intouch! Well, I will pray for you as you round out the last months/weeks of your pregnancy! God bless you! Wonderful post! And I’ll be looking forward to hearing more! Sisters in Christ, Lisa

  3. Will you please post on the gender reveal soon? I keep checking your site in hopes of finding out. God Bless !

  4. It was so wonderful to meet you both in Dallas and getting to visit with you, Priscilla! Chris and I have been praying for your sweet family and prayers for the Lord’s protection and peace over labor/delivery coming up soon. It is so encouraging to meet people like you who are like-minded and encourage our walk with the Lord! Looking forward to seeing you again at a future conference!

    Love and Blessings,

  5. Wonderful ministry. Always an encouragement for our family to see your tireless efforts for the Lord.

  6. I was so hoping to make it to Phoenix while you were in Arizona, but wasn’t able to. I hope you make this loooong journey again in the future so I’ll have another opportunity. :O)

    Priscilla ~ You look radiant as usual! I’m sure you are getting so excited as the weeks turn into days. I’ll be praying for you and David and Paul. And I’ll pray for a quick delivery! And, above all, a healthy baby _____ (fill in the blank)!!

    God bless you both!!

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter today, Nov. 12, 2014. Davia is a nice combination of both of your names. The millionaires family–a son and a daughter. Congrats. So happy for you both. God Bless.

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