Family Photo Shoot

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Time flies by so fast these days! Our family has been very busy and thus it has been hard to keep up with everything. Our children are growing up so quickly and photos are one of the ways that help freeze some special memories so we can continue to enjoy those moments for years to come.


  1. Your family is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful family. God Bless. Wishing you and yours a blessed ,healthy and happy 2017.
    Marilyn and family

    • All God’s best to a lovely, God honoring family.
      Your testimonies are heart-warming and priceless.


  3. Wow just a beautiful family!

  4. Beautiful photos!
    What part of Texas do you live in? I am in West Texas.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Your children are sooo cute, and Phillip looks like a friendly little guy, have you ever thought of taking pictures of your “new” house, LOL!!!!!

  6. Beautiful family, and Priscilla, you are just glowing.
    Wishing all of you a most blessed new year.

  7. gidday from vicki here in Australia. What lovely photos of a lovely family. Well done to you all xxoo

  8. you are such a beautiful family!

  9. Beautiful family!

  10. Such beautiful pictures! I think Paul with his arm around his sister in those pics is adorable and you guys kissing with your kiddos by the tree is precious. It is so special to capture these memories ♡ We have 6 kiddos from 10 years to 9 months and I know I need to get us altogether soon for family pics:)

  11. Beautiful family and pictures!

  12. What a perfect family! These pictures are melting my heart! They are perfect! Love them! I really wish TLC would give them a show.

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