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Paul’s First-Time Fishing!

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Paul has talked about going fishing since he learned how to talk. We are not even sure where he got the idea, but it exponentially increased from the time a little game with all the plastic little fish came into our home. On a Saturday morning, we finally got a chance to go fishing with his dad for the first …

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Visit With Family

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Last month “Mom and Dad Keller,” as we call them, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary by going with Priscilla’s brothers, Nathan and David, to visit Josh and Anna and their kids. It worked out for us to come  for a short visit to help them celebrate. We are so blessed to have such loving, Godly parents who are committed to staying …

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A Busy July

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Days go flying by and it seems that if we blink, our children have grown again and have done another “first.” Sometimes the best we can do is grab a quick picture and take time to look back over the month later. A New Family Picture! Recently, the entire Waller family gathered for a conference in Minnesota. While there, we …