A West-Coast Escapade

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During our trip throughout the West-Coast, we had the blessing of combining a week-long conference with a vacation celebrating Priscilla’s Birthday and topped the whole trip off with a wedding of some friends. This two week escapade was packed full of fun and family time.


Not everyone has the privilege of traveling like we do, but with it can come some challenges such as long lines at airports with tons of luggage and tired children and fellow travelers.

Homeschool Conference


Here David addresses the group of volunteers and staff who are working to put the conference on. This was the final conference of this sort for the year for us.davidlovespriscilla0702141531c

We both enjoyed addressing a breakout session of young people encouraging them to guard their heart and wait for God’s bestdavidlovespriscilla0702141724a

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been such encouraging friends to us over the years. It has been a blessing to also have them speak at several of the sessions.davidlovespriscilla0703142039

We enjoyed visiting with some friends that we met through our blog a few years ago. It has been so fun to keep up with them and visit them each time we come out to Sacramento.davidlovespriscilla0703140814g

Paul is just getting to the age where he really enjoys playing at the park.


The final night of the conference was the Fourth of July. Thankfully the sessions ended early enough for us to get out and see some fantastic fireworks nearby.davidlovespriscilla0705141207

David’s salsa or Priscilla’s salsa. Which version of spicy do you prefer? 🙂 It really isn’t quite that bad, but for some reason, Priscilla can really heap on the hot sauce when she is pregnant and enjoy every bit. David has a harder time and cannot share her food because it is simply too hot.

Visiting Friends

On a relaxing Saturday afternoon after a long conference week, where does Paul want to be? In the muddy water.

After we cleaned Paul up a little bit, we went over to a sweet Russian family for some “evening tea.” In reality, it consisted of tons of fresh vegetables from their garden, fresh baked bread, cheese, and lots of other things. It was by no means simple tea, but it was nice.

The next morning David preached at their Russian speaking congregation and we had a sweet time of fellowship with them before driving up to see some other friends Northwest of Reno.


Lake Tahoe:davidlovespriscilla0706141356

We had heard so much about Lake Tahoe, that we thought it would be good to at least stop by since it was less than an hour out of our way. We ended up taking a nice walk along the beautiful lake.davidlovespriscilla0706141411a

Then Paul thought he was so hot, so he took a dip. He really loves the water!


Of course, we just came from church and didn’t take time to change so David got to balance on rocks while Paul enjoyed the water.

Visiting a Family on a Ranch:davidlovespriscilla0709141113

That evening we arrived at the ranch of a family we had known for years, but never realized the beautiful place they lived. We were thrilled to see the horses and enjoyed riding them.davidlovespriscilla0709141148a

Priscilla made fast friends with this horse who was well over twenty years old.davidlovespriscilla0709141152a

Paul did his best to make friends and found it so much easier using carrots.


Paul absolutely loved riding. First he would put his hands on David’s, then take David’s off the saddle horn and put his own there. He enjoyed it immensely.

There is nothing quite like a little boy enjoying the velvety nose of a horse. davidlovespriscilla0707140955

Just looking up the driveway across the dry pastures and up the beautiful surrounding mountains was a sight to be remembered.davidlovespriscilla0707141120davidlovespriscilla0707141136

David even went sailing…davidlovespriscilla0707141225b…while the girls enjoyed a ladies tea 🙂


They all had to wear their unique hats and mind their manners… 🙂davidlovespriscilla0707141909

The boys smoked some amazing chicken for dinner!davidlovespriscilla0708142030


We enjoyed a second celebration of Priscilla’s birthday along with one of their daughters. It totally took Priscilla by surprise.

Vacation Alone As A Family:davidlovespriscilla0709141550

As much as we love traveling and being with people, we have also found it important to take a little time alone for time together by ourselves.davidlovespriscilla0710141023c

We enjoyed three days in Cottage Grove, Oregon which is near Eugene. One of our favorite parts was all the windy mountain roads that led to hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls.


[youtube]http://youtu.be/rH5avTDqcYA[/youtube] davidlovespriscilla0710141111

Got to love the beauty God’s creation!davidlovespriscilla0710141152cdavidlovespriscilla0710141323

We found the number of huge trees to be fascinating. I am not sure, but I do not think any of the ones in the places we hiked were even the famed redwood trees. They were just huge trees.


We went to several different falls and with each one, we had to hike in to see them.


It was always fun to come around that last bend in the trail and take in the awesome sight.


These pictures simply do not do it justice!


[youtube]http://youtu.be/65ppbfvkjlk[/youtube] davidlovespriscilla0710141353c

Can you see the butterfly. You would hardly imagine that those falls beyond it are hundreds of feet away.davidlovespriscilla0710141957a

On our date night, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner that came as a part of our room package deal that we found on Travel Zoo.
davidlovespriscilla0711141115a On our way out of town, we saw a beautiful lake and were able to rent a canoe for a few hours. davidlovespriscilla0711141230


On our last night of being alone, we went to the coast. I don’t think either of us were picturing anything but a different version of a Florida coast. We were quite surprised to feel the cool climate and frigid water.


The next day, we headed to the wedding of a friend. On the way we stopped to pick up some fresh fruit. Priscilla, in usual nature, gave the young lady a Gospel tract which started a conversation about God, the Bible and salvation by faith in Christ. We had the privilege of witnessing her pray to give her life to the Lord.

The wedding was beautiful and the platform was decorated nicely with trees from a local nursery who kindly loaned them to the couple. Elegant and yet backwoods!davidlovespriscilla0712141601

David was the Emcee for the reception.davidlovespriscilla0712141605a

We stopped in their photo booth for a quick shot!


What fun would a wedding be unless you got to help with decorating the car?


Barak and Kezia have been good friends and we look forward seeing what the Lord has in store for them.davidlovespriscilla0712141844b

Paul never seems to hesitate to go for the mud, even if he is in a suit.


Friends in Portland:


Lastly, we have some sweet Romanian friends we have gotten to know in the Portland area. They graciously hosted us in their home and took us to some of the tastiest food in Oregon!davidlovespriscilla0713141130d

They also took us to a large church picnic.davidlovespriscilla0713141223a

The church had a big baptism in the Columbia river. The whole day was a very special experience.davidlovespriscilla0714141431a

We then got up very early in the morning to make our travels back home.davidlovespriscilla0717141933Glad to be home, we had a little bicycle repair before we could go out for a ride. Paul is so eager to help. 🙂




  1. Looks like y’all had a ton of fun! Beautiful pictures by the way! I am so anxious to find out what the gender of the baby is. Do y’all know what it is yet? Care to tell us?? 🙂 God Bless y’all!

    • We have completed the test and have the results in an envelope temptingly close to us and yet we are waiting until a reveal party to find out. If you are anxious, can you imagine how excited we are!?! 🙂

      • I can’t imagine!! Lol! When is the party? Will y’all do a post about it? Hope so! God Bless y’all!!!

  2. What beautiful photos; I always enjoy your blog posts. Paul is darling and I have to laugh at his love of mudpuddles, haha. I also really appreciate how Priscilla dresses very modestly and simply, and yet always so nicely put together. She is lovely!
    I’m also excited to find out the gender of your new baby.

  3. Priscilla is just such an inspiring woman! She has so much joy and really inspires me after watching her videos to be a great mum to my 4 children and a wife, by just reminding me of how amazing our Lord is. What a beautiful heart she has. Sending you guys love from Australia 🙂

  4. i had no idea you Priscilla was expecting. how long has she been pregnant? God bless!

  5. Hi Guys……………….your trip is amazing …………i’d like so much to visit the United states…you have a nature and incredible places that i know through only by TV.

  6. What a lovely family you are. It is so uplifting to read your posts because it is just wonderful to see young families including the Lord in their daily life, everyday always doing something for Him. You give me inspiration and determination to try harder everyday. It is too easy to get caught up with life and tend to everything else before God. Praise God for using some faithful ones like your family to serve as examples.

  7. So much fun! I am so glad y’all were able to make it out and enjoy the West Coast! It was such a blessing to see y’all at Barak and Kezia’s wedding! David did a great job as Emcee! Priscilla, you were glowing! Paul is such a sweetheart! Blessings to the Waller family!

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