Arkansas Wedding!

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On June 21st, we had the privilege of witnessing Jill Duggar joining Derick Dillard for a life of wedded bliss. What a blessing to see two vibrant young people begin a life focused on the Lord, each other, and those around them whom they can serve.


One of the main draws in taking the nine hour trip down  to Arkansas is the fellowship with family and friends. We snapped a picture of the arch as we were passing through St. Louis.davidlovespriscilla0621141845b

David’s family surprised us by also coming to the wedding. We enjoyed going out to dinner following the wedding.

davidlovespriscilla0621141845cThree of David’s sisters came down as well and we enjoyed getting to spend time together.


Josh and Anna were a lot of fun to be with again. As young parents, we enjoy talking together about the lessons we are learning on training our children to love the Lord. They are doing a great job with their three beautiful children; MacKynzie, Michael, and Marcus.davidlovespriscilla0622141147The Duggars have arranged the rental of a commercial building where families can come together for a church fellowship. We enjoyed attending with many others.


Right after church, Paul got together with his cousins for a picture in their matching shirts with the cool ties imprinted on the front.


What would a get-together be like without volleyball? Especially playing until the early hours of the morning? davidlovespriscilla0622142029c

Josh and David often took turns organizing the sporting events and volleyball teams.davidlovespriscilla0622142052a

Paul enjoyed the indoor playground in the Duggar family playroom.


Priscilla has enjoyed friendships with many of the Duggar girls. Jinger and Priscilla both have a real passion to reach those who are lost with the free gift of salvation and pass out many Gospel tracts.davidlovespriscilla0622142055

Grandma Duggar has been such an example. She is a women of prayer, loves to witness to others, and has a servant’s heart. In fact, she continues to help the Duggars with all of their laundry.davidlovespriscilla0622142101

It was fun to have fellowship at the Duggars home with many friends from all across the United States and even some from other countries.


One of the families who came for the wedding broke down on their way home. Josh and David drove over an hour each way to pick them up and help them get their vehicle fixed.


We stayed an extra day to celebrate Anna’s birthday. It was so much for for the sisters to be together.

Time at Home:

As much as we love to travel and minister together as a family, we also look forward to seasons at home.


One of the guys David works with also lives near us. He and his wife have a daughter who is a little older than Paul.


They enjoy playing together. davidlovespriscilla0615140912a

Priscilla surprised David on Sunday morning with a big Father’s Day breakfast.


Paul was really glad he could get his share as well. He has lately had a huge appetite and will often eat more than Priscilla. davidlovespriscilla0616141621a

Paul loves playing at the park and does quite well entertaining himself.davidlovespriscilla0624141612

Splash parks rank as one of his top favorites because it includes water and action. He really is an active little guy.davidlovespriscilla0628142058aPaul loves to mimic his dad. davidlovespriscilla0624141832

One of the Waller family favorites is pasties. David’s sister Sarah was visiting for a few days, so his brother Adam came over and helped us make a whole bunch of pasties. They were so delicious.


While Sarah was in town, Priscilla and Paul took her for a trip to the zoo.davidlovespriscilla0624141506

Sarah recently spent ten months ministering in a ladies prison in Florida. It was so good to have her visit us.davidlovespriscilla0624141527

 Church Softball:


It is one thing to attend church. It has been an entirely different experience to get involved in the lives of those who attend with you.

One of the ways David has recently found to get to know the guys better has been to play church league softball with them. It has been a blessing to get to know the guys on a totally different basis.

Pink or Blue, What is New?


Sometime next month we plan to gather with friends and family and find out based on the ultrasound whether Paul will have a baby brother or sister in November. What do you think it will be? Either way, we will be delighted to enjoy another blessing from the Lord!



  1. PINK!!! I think it is a girl! I had such a great time seeing you this year! Can’t wait for next year;-)

  2. Hello David and Priscilla!
    What a delight it was to see your family again at Jill and Derick’s wedding! You both are a wonderful inspiration and our family praises the Lord for how He is using you both to further the Gospel and share His truths with whomever you may come in contact with! Keep on, keeping on! Lord willing, our paths will cross again soon! You all are in our prayers and thoughts, Thank you for being a blessing!

    In Christ, Callie Koenig for the Koenig’s
    (Randy, Linda, Callie, Katie, Keri, Christy, Kimi, Karli, Cassi, Antonio, and Miguel :))

  3. Hi! I was wondering where you got your Gospel tracts from?

  4. I just ran into your site and I thought I’d let you know how much I appreciate your work and witness for the Lord. We’ve seen you of course on the Duggar’s show. We’ve know Gil and Kelly Bates for over 22 yrs as we went to the same church way back then. LOL! I’m so encouraged with all families that are living for the Lord and being shining examples to others, ESPECIALLY today’s young people. Thank you for being that example and much more. From my family to yours, God Bless and prayers for you and the precious new baby on the way!

  5. What a lovely example you set for other young Christian families. It is so easy for younger adults to be tempted by this world’s attitudes and beliefs. You are a powerful example for young and old that we can resist ungodly thoughts and attitudes even though we are constantly surrounded and bombarded by negative influences and pressures. Your family is a reminder that we can maintain our faith and integrity to God. Your posts always put smiles on our faces.

  6. I just came across ur website accidentally although The Lord has nothing accidental happen in our lives… And I wanted to thank you for ur blog and the encouraging words and stories u have posted! I love ur engagement story and how The Lord drew you two together. God bless you!

  7. thank you for posting the update! can’t wait to find out whether it’s a girl or a boy. you look like you are glowing. so happy for you.

  8. Hi David and Priscilla! Thank you for answering God’s call and sharing your testimony! I have a question- if people ask you guys “secular” questions or make comments like, “that little guy needs his bathing suit because his clothes will be so heavy and wet!” when Paul is at a splash park, or if they say, “Congratulations on expecting your second! Two was enough for us!”, how do you respond? What do you think is prudent? I struggle with discerning between opportunities for evangelizing and times when directly contradicting their secular views is imprudent. If someone makes an offhand casual comment, do you simply smile and talk to them without directly addressing it, or do you do your best to try to find a loving way to introduce God’s ideal about whatever subject it is? Each situation is different, but I would love to hear examples of how you have or would address situations like these. I hope I made myself clear and didn’t confuse too much! God Bless!

  9. Paul has grown so much! I’m always so much encouraged by your posts! Thank you for taking the time to share!

    P.S. And I believe Paul is gonna have a… brother 😀

  10. I follow you and watch on Priscilla her messages have been right on time for me many times over! It seems I hear a message from God then Priscilla talks about it confirming my thoughts! Thank you for putting yourself “out there” for us to see. Many Blessings to you!

  11. I think It’s going to be a ….GIRL!!!!!! So excited for yall!God Bless

  12. I think it will be a girl!!!!!!!

  13. Still waiting for baby gender update! 🙂

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