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If you were on your death bed, your last dying wish would probably not be to have had had a better car or that you had spent more time on your favorite hobby. It would probably be something to do with relationships and wishing you had spent more time with your family, deepened your relationship with your wife, or spent more time with your children. Instead of waiting until something tragic happens, why not start today? That has been what we have desired to do.

David’s sister Sarah has been ministering in a ladies prison in Florida for the last ten months. The ladies she ministered too were graduating, so we went down to give a charge as well as to  help celebrate. Dad Keller wanted to take us all out afterwords for a nice time at Silver Springs State Park.davidlovespriscilla0522141141d

The State Park was a beautiful place for quiet times enjoying each other. 🙂davidlovespriscilla0522141144d

David’s Family also came down so both of our mother’s were present. As you can imagine, Paul enjoyed all the attention.


He loved watching all of the birds and other animals that came by.davidlovespriscilla0522141148e

If you can see, the tree trunk actually goes in a complete loop as the guys were standing in the loop.davidlovespriscilla0522141219c

Next, Dad Keller treated us all to a glass bottom boat ride.davidlovespriscilla0522141227b

Paul was fascinated watching all of the fish and plants go by underneath the boat.


The Silver Springs are really the tributary to the Silver River. Massive amounts of water come from these springs.


Mom Waller paired up with David’s sister Sarah for a fun double kayak ride.


There were many sites to see including a sunken boat with lots of turtles nearby sunning themselves. Alligators lurked in the shadows making the trip not so relaxing to those who are less used to Florida wildlife. We spotted at least seven gators.davidlovespriscilla0522141329a

Priscilla’s brothers jumped in a canoe with David’s brother Matthew and went off exploring.

Date Night

On our way to our date night we got to stop off at a special site.




Here is a plate of sizzling gator tail. Yum!!!



Ya’ like my shades? Paul keeps us laughing!

Nashville Conference


Sisters, Anna and Priscilla with their children.


After our very brief time in Florida, we went up to Nashville for a Family Conference. The Waller Family, Keller Family and Duggar families were all there. Michael and MacKynzie enjoyed spending time with their cousin Paul.davidlovespriscilla0526141415b

David had an intense game of basketball on roller skates. The added challenge kept us all laughing.


For Mother’s day, Priscilla and Anna wanted to take their mother out to her favorite place: Cracker Barrel. We decided to take the whole family.davidlovespriscilla0526142111b

What a blessing to be all together again, even if it was for just a short time.davidlovespriscilla0526141939davidlovespriscilla06508141025

Priscilla is so creative in involving Paul in making cards. He loves to help drawdavidlovespriscilla0528141546a

Josh was one of the speakers sharing on how to pass on the vision to the next generation.

Time With the Waller Familydavidlovespriscilla1401327865373

It was also a huge highlight to have the whole Waller family together, especially with David’s sister living in Canada and other siblings spread throughout. We were so glad we could snap a quick picture though. davidlovespriscilla0528141754a

We took a little time afterwords to just enjoy time together.

davidlovespriscilla0531141217a Before leaving Nashville, we had a Waller family cookout. davidlovespriscilla0531141216 davidlovespriscilla0531141133a

David loves to grill so he volunteered to be the chef for the day.davidlovespriscilla0531141231

Paul’s First Time at a Zoo

Some friends of ours from church invited us to go with their family to the Brookfield zoo. davidlovespriscilla0603141535

We enjoyed showing Paul many animals he had never seen before. He was fascinated!
davidlovespriscilla0603141553b davidlovespriscilla0603141527b

As we were touring about, we noticed these distinguished looking guys and got to talking with them. We found out that one with the tie is the director of the zoo and has been in charge of it for the past ten years. It was encouraging to hear of his heart for families to be drawn together in learning.davidlovespriscilla0603141703davidlovespriscilla1401850526098

Do you believe Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created…” ?


  1. Gator Landing has the best gator tail!

  2. I’m guessing another baby boy is in the way. Continued prayers. Your family is a blessing.

  3. Family time is so precious! You have a beautiful one too!

  4. I like all of the Photos and stuff, glad everyone had a great time.

  5. hello david and priscilla

    certainly spent great moments in family, making great memories for her son Paul.

    priscilla pregnancy and I pray to God all the little fence well with that blessing is on the way it shows.

    greetings from mexico

  6. What a beautiful family. When I see the testimony you both give on love of the Lord and family it just sings Ephesians 3:14-15. Thank you for being an example to the world of what rich blessings are received when God’s commandments are obeyed.

  7. David and Priscilla, y’all are so very sweet. I am HUMBLED to be encouraged and witnessed to by such a young couple. I was not raised in a strong Christian home, so my husband and I struggle so much as first generation Christians together. It makes me sad for the gaps in our biblical understanding and application that will impact our children, but I pray that God will continue His work in us, in our children, and our future generations, to His glory. THANK YOU for your faith and example to others. I would imagine you know that young parents watch and learn, but it may surprise you that a nearly 50 year old couple is also learning and encouraged by your witness. David, I *absolutely love* what you’ve shared about Billy Graham in the video. Thanks so much for that.
    Blessings on your family!

  8. Looks like another little blessing is on its way to your family! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family photos, and I wish you all the best as your family continues to grow.

  9. David I have an Ipad air. Could you recommend a free Bible app. for this device. I would like one that has the audio option, too. Thanks

  10. Do you and Priscilla know the gender of your baby yet?

  11. Do you know if the new baby is a boy or a girl? 🙂

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