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Merry Christmas from Jerusalem!

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We arrived in Jerusalem on just before Christmas! As the whole clan drove our three rental cars up the big hill towards Jerusalem and caught first sight of the Old City, Priscilla burst out singing with the words, “Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Lift up your gates and sing, Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna to your King!” Old City Jerusalem was decked out with lights for …

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Galilee Visit

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In just the past two days since our last post, so much has happened I feel I must post a few more pictures just to keep up. It has been so much fun!   We really have enjoyed starting out our time in Israel right where Jesus started the majority of his life–In the Galilee region. This sunset over the …

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Off to Israel

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The dream of any person who has a love for Scripture is to travel to the land where it took place and much of it was first documented. We have long dreamed of doing so, but only recently through some creative planning and thrifty budgeting we are able to actually chart out our own course on a trip of a …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Thanksgiving season is not over. It is just the launching to the rest of the year of being thankful for what God and others have done to benefit our lives. [youtube][/youtube]Paul sure is growing and doing his best to learn how to walk. He is almost nine months old. While on our way to a graduation of some friends, …