Winter Baby!

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Yesterday, it did not just flurry a bit, it SNOWED. So, why not have some fun. Libby Zellon was one of our photographers for our wedding and a few weeks ago she offered to shoot some more before the baby came. After a quick call, she came over and shot a bunch of pictures beautifully framed by the snow laden trees and with the huge snow flakes wafting down. Here are a bunch of fun shots. Priscilla is from Florida and is not used to snow and this was the most she has ever been in in her life. David enjoys snow having been born up in Minnesota. Snow is so much fun, but more than that it is a beautiful picture of Christ’s covering our sins. He states, “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool” (Isaiah 1:18). The wool mentioned goes along nice with our baby room theme. I love how this song clearly shares what Jesus has done for us:

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus:

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh! precious is the flow that makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

What is your favorite picture?

Let us know your favorite picture in your comments below:


  1. You have many beautiful photos as a couple, but these are my favorite! And how wonderful to take them right before your duo in one another’s arms becomes a trio in arms! Priscilla looks especially beautiful.

  2. All the pictures are beautiful! But my favorite is #5 :)Praying for a safe delivery!

  3. What an awesome time with you all! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of yet another milestone in your lives!!! Can’t wait to meet baby Waller!

    • Love it! WOW, Miss Zellon you are GREAT! Do you have a blog on your pictures? If not you should start one. You are very GOOD!

  4. Beautiful photos! The bright blue in contrast with the snow was a great idea.
    My favorites are #4 and #5.

  5. Beautiul pictures of a beautiful couple. Priscilla is simply glowing.
    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  6. What wonderful day you seemed to be having in the snow!

    Blessed Blessings to you both,

    Stevie M

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us and there are many precious ones.

    My vote, however, is split – depending on your goal for the picture – for the 2 of you # 05 – for the 3 of you (so your son can appreciate the fullness of him being there too) – definitely
    # 06 – and just to give your son a heads-up on the adventuresome parents he’s getting – # 18. Overall favorite – #6.

  8. Hi Priscilla and David, Priscilla I hope I’m not being too personal but I was just wondering what kind of a birth you were planning on doing?

  9. I like #2 #16 #19 #23 Sorry, I couldn’t pick which was ABSOLUTE favorite:)
    It is wonderful to see the pictures. It looks like you both had a great time! Libby did great!

  10. Wow! Those are incredible photos of you both! I love them all! The colors and the snow make a great contrast and your son is going to be very lucky to have good looking parents! 🙂 LOL

  11. these are stunning. what a neat reminder one of these would be in the nursery or around your house of all you referenced above.

  12. #23 😀

  13. #5, #6, #17 Are my favorite pictures… y’all are such a sweet couple.. my prayer is that my children find their life’s partner and are loved like you both seem to love each other! I love your blogs… can’t wait to see the lil one.. God Bless 🙂

  14. You both look so happy. Just wonderful to see two people sharing in God’s splendor. My vote is picture #5 as my favorite.

  15. Really pretty Photos, thanks for sharing all.

  16. I’m glad they all had fun, etc.

  17. Hi.
    My favorite is #20, It sort of reminds me of that verse in 1 Pet 3:7b
    “being heirs together in the grace of life”

    Prayers for you both and the baby.

  18. Too many good ones to choose just one! I think it would be cute to find a frame that holds 3 pictures and put a few side-by-side 🙂

    And your son has a beauuuutiful Mommy 🙂

  19. Pictures #15, 16, & 17 are really cute, but my favorites have to be #5 and #20. Amazing that your noses aren’t red! haha 🙂 Love you, Priscilla, and I will be praying for a safe, healthy, and quick delivery! (Oh, and hi, David.) 🙂

    –Phil.1:27; 3:7-14

  20. Beautiful photos! We are praying for your blessing to come. Healthy baby, mommy, and daddy. The Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance unto you and give you peace.:) With loving prayers, have a blessed day.:)

  21. Beautiful pictures and congrats to Priscilla’s sister and her beautiful family on the birth of their daughter. I look forward to seeing your pictures shortly!

    God bless!

  22. Praying your precious baby comes soon 🙂

  23. #20 is my favorite! Priscilla, you are so pretty! I look up to you and I love reading about your and David’s life. God bless you two! 🙂

  24. What really beautiful Photo’s. I love them all and love the Blue accents obviously for the little blue bundle on his way to your family.xox Not sure i can pick a favorite. though i do love the ones where you look at Priscilla, what a Beautiful little family you are about to create…God Bless.

  25. What lovely photos! So hard to decide which one but if I have to vote, then I vote for no. 23. You both look like you are having such fun!

    Love the bright color on your outfits, it contrasts very nicely with the winter landscape. And I love Priscilla’s scarf! Did she by chance make it?

    Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. You both are so blessed! Melissa

    • Priscilla actually received that scarf when we were in Romania!

      • Love it, too! Is baby here yet?

  26. Oh my goodness! I can’t even pick a favorite. These are all gorgeous! You guys are such an inspiration, and your story encourages me to wait for the one God has picked out especially for me. Thank you, thank you! I cannot wait to see your baby. I’ll be praying for you guys! (:

    In Christ,

    • Beautiful pictures!! You are wonderful people! I cannot pick just one picture.
      Thankyou for sharing about our Lord.
      When is Priscilla’s due date? Is she over due? Will she be delivering at home?
      God’s Blessings to you.

  27. My, you DID get a lot of snow! Was in the Chicago suburbs this weekend for a baby shower and there is so much snow still on the ground! Those are beautiful pictures!

    Hoping baby makes an appearance soon!

  28. #10! 🙂
    praying for y’all! can’t wait till this precious blessing arrives!

  29. Gorgeous pictures!! Y’all are an inspiration! May God bless y’all! Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby. Praying for you guys!

  30. Hi David,
    I know Josh and Anna said in one video that they were going to share what the gender of the baby was, but in another they said they were not going to tell. Do you know?

  31. Any baby yet?!??!?!

  32. Beautiful pictures! How is Priscilla feeling? Been checking everyday to see if there is any baby news! Prayers for a speedy and healthy delivery. Can not wait to see pics of the little blessing!


  33. Will the Duggars come by and see you when they go to church on Sunday? It would be so wonderful if you were in another episode! I love seeing how all the “children” who are now parents and soon to be parents show their love for one another and Christ. Such an encouragement!

  34. Hi Priscilla and David, David, I have read your story and was just wondering if you and Priscilla had planned to raise your baby and future babies in the future the way you were raised, i.e no specific gender roles every one does their own laundry type of thing?

  35. Congratulations on your sweet little blessing from God! I am so happy Priscilla had a safe delivery and brought forth a new little warrior for Christ into the world. The Lord’s hand is strong and with us always. All my prayers and encouragement in this exciting new stage of life you are coming to!

  36. WOW!!!! I cant pick a favorite!:) They are all absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Congratualons!!

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