Great Ocean Road

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Thanks to our kind hosts, we were able to take the last week visiting with families who were at the conference as well as seeing the incredible nature and wildlife of Australia. We thought we might share a few of the best pictures we took and found we had quite a few. I hope you enjoy them, but there is nothing quite like seeing it yourself!



  1. Hi! I love reading your blog! It’s great place to find the encouragement for active Christian lifestyle. I’d seen a few photos of you playing tennis and I was just wondering.. didn’t you want to stay in Australia longer to see big tennis tournament Australian Open? Because it seems like you were there recently, and it’s taking place there right now! Or maybe you do not like watching it? Greetings from Europe!!:)

  2. I’m so glad you guys are having time to sight see. You will go home with the best tans :). Did Priscilla go for a swim in the ocean? I think she would have loved floating around- it would take the pressure off her legs from all the hiking. When do you go back home, or do you like it sooo much here you will stay 😉 all the best.

  3. Oh, i forgot. Before you go home can you do a video of you and Priscilla trying vegemite (on toast is best) and then Tim Tams. I would love to see your reactions. I’m sure many other Australian blog readers would also love to see your facial reactions and if you liked it or not.

  4. Bless you both. It is so wonderful to have such godly young people for our children to be inspired by; it is a great aid to parents trying to bring up godly children to have modern day examples that our children can look to.

  5. yes I would like to see you try vegimite too!

  6. Oh, what a wonderful time! And David’s looking pretty stylin’ in the hat! So glad you had time to take in the sights and fellowship with friends! Priscilla looks fabulous and very happy! Stay cool!

  7. Lol, I agree, I would love to see you guys try Vegemite too! 🙂

  8. Try Tim Tams before Vegemite. Hope you’re enjoying your stay. God Bless.

    • Our favorite was when we learned how to have a Tim Tam Slam. Yum!!! Vegemite was not bad, but I think it is an acquired taste :-).

  9. Congratulations on becoming an aunt and uncle again. Susanna’s baby is beautiful. Do you two still keep in touch with her?

    • Thank you! We are excited to welcome little Noelle and can’t wait to see her. We do keep in contact with Susanna and have enjoyed seeing lots of little baby pictures.

      • It will definately be exciting to have two little nieces and your son so close in age. Crossing my fingers on another little blessing for Anna and Josh if that’s the Lord’s will.

  10. Wow, what beautiful pictures of the ocean!! I was wondering who took the ocean pictures and what camera they used? Thanks Sarah!!

    • We have a simple point and shoot camera that does pretty well. It is a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS5K 12.1 MP. I was able to pick it up on e-bay for just over a hundred and it has already taken thousands of pictures for us.

  11. Happy Anniversary David and Priscilla!

  12. Wonderful to see Pricilla being so active late in her pregnancy! Such a wonderful healthy example! Both the picture if fruitful godliness!

  13. What an amazing trip! I would love to visit the “Land Down Under” sometime. Priscilla looks positively radiant. (Or is it just because of the heat?) Thanks for sharing!


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