Australia Conference Pictures!

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What a blessing it has been to be with all of the dear families Down Under and hear how God has used each one in such a powerful way. We hope these pictures will give you a little idea of how we have spent the last six days. In just six days we had the privileged of sharing nine different messages. It was so encouraging to see the interest and excitement. We also found it to be a great time for us to learn from these families who are pioneering the homeschooling here in Australia


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I pray that all of your work was fruitful! Priscilla is my hero for enduring the heat and travel in her seventh month!

  2. It looks like it was a ton of fun! Thank you for sharing with us, it is an encouragement.

  3. I heard that they actually allow Bible classes in Australian public schools. A mentor in my church told me that her sister always had such a heart for that country, how they had a Christian history, but had forgotten it. Anyway, her sister’s husband never wanted to go, but God got to work, changed some circumstances, and now they are Down Under.

    They nearly discontinued the Bible classes, not because of secular complaints, but b/c not enough people could fill the need! So now the sister is teaching, like, 8 Bible classes a week there. Amazing.

    • HI there,
      As a recently graduated Australian, I can tell you that Bible classes aren’t ‘allowed’ in public schools (state schools) everywhere. In primary schools, (Grades 1-6 in most states) there may be a chaplain on staff or they may bring someone in for the students to be counselled if necessary. In high schools (grades 7-12 in most states), public schools don’t provide Bible Classes but rather the opportunity to study what is called Study of Religion. This subject is a broad yet in-depth research subject into discovering different aspects of many religions, whether they are monotheistic or otherwise, even going through the different denominations within Christianity.

      I myself attended Catholic schools for both my primary and secondary years, and it is through Catholic education that I was given Bible studies and education. That being said, especially when we were old enough to take in more information, often we would hear different perspectives and interpretations of the Bible (for example, through the eyes of the Baptists or the Orthodox churches). I had a number of friends who attended either state schools (public schools) or private schools without religious affiliation and they were the same.

      As part of the federation, Australia has always been a secular nation, with the laws being that no state or colony could impose a religion on its inhabitants, nor could it disrespect or deny an Australian’s right to their own faith. That being said, Australia grew from its beginnings as convicts. Many of those convicts from the UK were members of the Church of England. That was considered the unofficial church of Australia, given the numbers of the Anglican communities. Since then, we’ve become so much more multi-cultural. We have such a wide range of cultures and faiths that it’s actually quite interesting to see how we all get along and work together.

      I appreciated my education in regards to religion, because it gave me the opportunity to explore the Bible and what being a Christian meant for me at my own pace. Australia is usually very open and welcoming in regards to faith, so in some circumstances I can understand state schools providing Bible classes but again, it would be based on demand and in no way would a student be taking those classes against their will or the will of their family. (though, from my own experiences, I find it quite enriching.)

      • ML- Wow, i wasn’t aware that it wasn’t allowed in every school all over Aus…i live in QLD and every school i know of have attended and children have attended have Religious Instruction. No Chaplain at the school they currently attend and the Instructors come from a few different religions…Where in Oz are you. I am happy they offer it here where we are 🙂 It so strange that the different states have different policies i think, if only they were all mainstreamed to be somewhat the same. congrats on your Graduation 🙂

        • I’m also in QLD, South-East QLD to be a little more precise!
          thank you very much! I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life.

          I think the government just needs to be clearer on the curriculum in regards to Religious Instruction – I’ve honestly never heard of it before! Is it mostly a state school thing?

          • Yes, I think my friend at church did say that the Bible classes are incorporated into the larger subject of religion. Still, it’s a cool story and at least she gets to teach Bible.

  4. Hi what a lovely website you have David and Priscilla. Yes LF as an Australian i can confirm we do have Bible classes in our Australian Public schools. My Daughters attend Religious Instruction at their school once a week and my son attends a Catholic Secondary college.High school.xoxT

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