Conference in Australia

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Today marks one week of being in Australia. It is amazing at how time has flown by and yet how much has been packed into so few days. One of the attendees has been faithfully posting reports and there are a few fun pictures of note as well as descriptions of the sessions. You can visit the live blog. Also, here are a few pictures we have taken:


  1. Wow! How far along is she? She’s looking great and is getting so big!

  2. Hi,
    Did Priscilla have the baby yet and what is his/her name going to be? I heard it was Noelle(spelling),but that is an unusual name for a baby boy nowadays. I like it though because it makes me think of Christmas.
    I wish you both well and God bless.
    Jennifer Olsen

    • We are so excited to be expecting our Baby Boy in March and we look forward to sharing his name when he is born.

  3. So excited for your new baby coming!!! David, what are you doing right now as far as work? We were just curious if you were going to go overseas as a missionary.
    You two look so happy!!!!!
    Jean and Gary

  4. You two go all over! Love how you dedicate your lives to what God is calling you to do!

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