A White Christmas!

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Our Christmas was filled with lots of fun and celebration. Definitely our highlight was the time we spent with family. Driving up into the blistering cold North where the Waller Family Farm is located, we enjoyed five days of fun family fellowship in the cool weather. For Priscilla, this was her first White Christmas! What a brave girl she is. She has been so faithful to walk every day rain or shine to keep herself in good shape for when the baby comes.

DavidlovesPriscilla00020On Christmas Eve morning Priscilla encouraged me to come along with her on her usual walk. We did not check the temperature until we got back and found that it was around zero degrees out with a -20 degree wind chill. No wonder she had icicles forming on her eye brows. Thankfully we stayed warm enough through the entire three mile walk.




  1. Hope you had a blessed time.

    Did your friend Robert visit for sweat fellowship over the Christmas period?


    Stevie M

    • Robert Staddon and I are good friends and we did have a chance to visit a little before Christmas. Check out where he and his wife Kendalyn are by visiting RobertlovesKendalyn.com

  2. Priscilla. can not wait till your baby is here. what did you think of your first white christmas? Hope y’all had a good one. wow! even this KY girl transplanted to FL thinks that is way to cold out. LOL. Glad you stayed warm.

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