3 Days til Christmas ~ Blessing

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The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Each one of us have the power, as it were, to give venomous words that can poison the lives of so many people. However, we also have the ability to bless others with our words.

Give a Verbal Blessing

The Hebrew word used in the Bible

Can you imagine trying to pack much on this camel? It would be hard to load it unless it knelt. Similarly, it is hard to let other people bless us without humility.

for blessing has the picture of to kneel as if a camel receiving it’s load. There are some beautiful analogies that can be drawn from that such as humbling yourself to acknowledge that you need a blessing, being bestowed or laden with the good things, and then being a bearer and transport of blessings to others. The reason we are blessed is so that we might be a blessing, not for us to just enjoy ourselves. This is a simple concept, but important for us to practice. It is so much easier for us to speak cursing through negative words, comments and criticism. The fruit of these is damaging to both the one giving and the one receiving. However, if we can learn to bless others it can go a long way in not only impacting our lives but the lives of others as well.

Our parents have done this in many ways, but one of the ways we looked forward to growing upĀ  was through notes of blessing, especially at a birthday. My dad would usually write a page or two letter that gave vision and encouragement to me and motivated me to become all God designed me to be.


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