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People love to be served. All of us have at one time or another been served by someone. The amazing thing about serving is that God rewards it greatly and actually makes it a prerequisite to greatness.

Give the Gift of a Sacrificial Act of Service

Serving others is a basis of any booming industry. When the focus turns to serving yourself it begins to demise. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are not concerned with who gets the credit. It is hard to fire someone who serves with no motive of reward.

One of our siblings, Adam, is so motivated to do kind acts of service. He is the first one there when something breaks. A few weeks ago, it was our refrigerator. We had gone away on a trip for a few days and when we came back we had some strange smells to welcome us. I ended up moving several boxes of once delicious looking food to the trash. Thankfully Adam came to the rescue. On his own free-time he went and took the fridge apart and found that there was a bad thermostat. He found the part online and ordered it with his own money and installed it a week later.

This is nothing new for Adam. In fact, as we were growing up, he would go around the house and oil doors, fix handles, or take apart a leaking faucet and fix it. In fact, he and his wife named their website joyfullservice.com because they love to serve the Lord by serving others. What an example they are to me! A few nights ago, I decided to go around the house and try and fix the issues that were neglected. This included a broken drawer, couch, and sweeping up mouse tracks :-).


  1. My problem is lazyness. I seem to be stuck in a chair or on a couch most of the time surfing the web or sleeping…or whatever, sometimes eating. It is so easy for me to procrastinate. Even when I am told to.do something like dishes or laundry… I don’t because it isn’t fun to do.it. Then that leaves piles of clothes everywhere and tension builds within the home if I am not doing my work… But it wears me out! And I have a baby to take care of on top of it.all….ugh. Any advice priscilla? How do you make housework fun? (besides turning on hymns, singing them or listening to a podcast because I have tried all.that….

    • Anon,

      I understand! Session 17 of the Basic Seminar by the Institute of Basic Life Principles changed my life when it came to my struggle with sloth. You have to subscribe to the website, but only if you subscribe for only a month, it is SO worth it. https://www.embassyinstitute.org/basic

  2. I would but I have gone on IBLP and it looks like you have to pay money to get involved more fully. I can’t afford it I guess.

    • You can use the code: DAVE&PRISCILLA and get your first month free.

  3. Thanks so much! Unfortunately though it looks like I will only be able to get involved for a month.

  4. I don’t know where to sign in.

    • Visit EmbassyInstitute.org and click the button that says sign up. It will ask for some information. After you have put in that information there will be room for a discount code allowing you to get your first month free. The Basic Seminar is excellent and all nineteen sessions are available.

      • Hi David i was also wondering about the free month but after you do this how do you cancle so you wont be charged? or is it better to use a prepaid card? because I too can not afford this as well. or to whoever could answer this question. thanks

        • Thanks for asking! You can cancel at any time. I know for sure if you simply call you can cancel. I will check into this and get back with you!

          • If I signed up for embassy institute using your coupon code, would you or anyone else be charged? I would like to give it a try, but not at your expense.

          • This is a special opportunity that Embassy Institute has allowed. It will not cost me or anyone but Embassy Institute anything.

    • If you sign up for a month subscription grab your husband and watch Financial Freedom by Jim Sammons too. That series has opened our eyes to a Godly way of handling finances of which we previously knew nothing. Start on them soon because they take awhile to watch. Our family has done a 180 degree turn after my husband’s eyes were open, and for the first time we have real hope for our future.

  5. Ok. Thanks I will look into it.

  6. So basically what you’re saying is what my friends and I have been doing for the past several years as members of a charity called Random Acts. It all got started when an actor on a show we enjoy started using his Twitter account to dare his fans to do at least one “random act of kindness”. In the years since we’ve found all kinds of ways to commit random acts of kindness we’ve knitted blankets, gloves and scarves for the homeless, given flowers to complete strangers on the street, sent a team to Haiti to help rebuild an orphanage and community center. Recently the idea was picked up by viewers of the Today show after the Sandy Hook school shooting when one of the anchorwomen suggested people start doing random acts as a way to honor the memory of the victims. My family decided to participate by handing out cards and candy canes at the local Wal-mart. The cards were simple Christmas cards with a note explaining what we were doing and why and asking the person receiving the card to keep the kindness going by paying it forward. You be surprised how shocked some people were by the idea that some random stranger would do something nice for them for no reason at all with no strings attached. A few flat out refused to take the card and candy because they were certain we were either trying to sell them something or evangelize to them. It’s sad that church people aren’t out there doing kind things no pressure no strings attached, because it really is true that your actions may be the only Bible some people ever read.

  7. Thank you David for your help! I will sign up right away!!

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