7 Days til Christmas ~ Prayer

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A few nights ago, we went door to door down our street to give each of our neighbors a plate of cookies that Priscilla had made. Inside the zip lock bag and under the plate of cookies we put a little stash of of Gospel tracts including three little Bibles and a tract our friend wrote. As we were going from home to home and talking with each neighbor, needs began to be mentioned and one by one Priscilla and I took those need to the Lord in prayer. It has been said, people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Once they know you care, they begin to share with you the needs that they are having.

Praying for a Special Need

So many times we can go through our day not even realizing the burdens and challenges other people are facing. It is so important that we take these prayer requests to our loving Heavenly Father. Check out this video that Chik-fil-A put together to help put this in perspective. Watch it and then remind yourself the next time you head into a public place to go shopping, fill up your gas tank, or have a sales call and be ready to pray for these people.



  1. I really like this video.

  2. I really like that video.

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