11 Days till Christmas ~ Praise

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Precise word of praise for demonstrating character


Praising a person for the character they demonstrate is one of the best ways to promote good character. Too often, we nag and criticize our siblings, spouse, pastor, coworker or even our friend. However, if we are able to take the time and effort to highlight a character quality they have demonstrated, it can be a powerful motivator. Whoever you allow to praise you really influences the direction of your life. The same is true for giving praise to others.

David has a very diverse background of experiences. One summer, he worked on some construction projects remodeling some houses. One day, as he was pouring sweat on a hot summer afternoon, floating a concrete driveway, his Christian boss came over and patted him on the back. He said, “You sure are diligent working out here in the heat of the day. Diligence is giving all your effort to a task until it is done. Your effort has encouraged me!” Even many years later, he recalls that and how much it encouraged him as well as motivated him.


This boss knew the importance of drawing attention to a specific quality and what that it means, how it was demonstrated and the way it benefited his own life as well as the project. He had learned the importance of praising for character. Learn more at http://www.characterplus.org/page.asp?page=335 and be sure to look for tomorrow’s post with another thing you can give that doesn’t cost you anything.


  1. I admire the spirit of your posts, but I just would like to let you know that the 12 days of Christmas run from December 25 until Epiphany which falls on January 6. Right now we are not yet in the Christmas Season. We are in preparation for His arrival, which is the season of Advent.

  2. Thank you for encouraging me to encourage others by praising them- it is so important!
    Have a Blessed Christmas!

    Katrina Marie

  3. So true!! Ben and I were driving home from my parents house this weekend. We were talking about our finances and how things might change this next year. I told him how much I appreciated what a good steward he was of our finances and how well he planned for our future. He just puffed up!! A few words about what a good job he was doing meant so much to him. It took NO effort on my part, but it meant so much to him! This is a great reminder to look for ways to bless people with genuine and heartfelt words of praise. Thanks!!

  4. oh it/these do cost! they cost us ourselves! dying to self… more of Him and less of us a la John 3:30. thank you.

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