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We love the Fall, especially with the leaves changing. As a Florida girl, it has been really fun for Priscilla to  get to enjoy all four seasons. Watch the video to find out some of the lessons God has taught Priscilla through watching the beauty of God’s creation.

Priscilla’s Reflections

At a busy intersection near Chicago, Priscilla pauses to reflect on the lessons God taught her about the Fall and especially the changing of the leaves.


  1. i loved the analogy on the fall leaves. I would love to get to know u and become a penpal if u want. God bless

    • Im looking for an american pen pal (I live in Australia)

  2. What a beautiful way to explain how we must let God guide and direct us and die to ourselves!

  3. Priscilla,
    Thank you so much for that encouraging analogy! God is GREAT! I was just talking to my mom about who the Lord had for me to marry and when he may come. She told me to just keep praying and giving it to him. I came on your website and got the encouragement I needed! I feel so blessed to have watched you speak about the leaves! You and David are wonderful examples! Thank You guys so much…. (I am so excited…. After lots of prayer I get to go on my first Journey this summer!)
    Lisa 🙂

  4. Fall is one of my favorite seasons also! Spring is a close second.

  5. You are too precious… and so right! Fall is my favorite season also.

  6. That’s such a wonderful way of seeing life!! Giving God all the control and glory!!

  7. What a wonderful video. Priscilla I wish I had Godly friends like you when I was growing up. You are an inspiration.

  8. Thanks for posting another video! I really enjoyed it. Do you live in Illinois??

  9. That is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. What a beautiful analogy. Our God is an awesome God. Praise His name in everything! I don’t understand how the unsaved can say He doesn’t exist. He created everything for a purpose. Praying you have a healthy & happy pregnancy!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the encouragement priscilla 🙂

  12. Hello Priscilla!
    Thank you so much for that encouraging video! I really enjoyed watching ya’lls videos!! You both are a blessing And you are a great role models. I would love to get to know you more! And one day Lord willing meet you and your family! How are you doing?
    God bless!
    Don’t quit on the LORD!!
    Catherine K

  13. Thank you for sharing your family & your love of Christ with ours. May God bless and keep you. <3

  14. How lovely and encouraging. Thank you.

  15. Oh Priscilla, what a beautiful soul you are, and your love for God shows through. Do not forget though, that your happiness is also important to Him. You can have goals and ambitions of your own and work toward them. Couples should work together, mutually supporting one another as they work toward the purpose that God has given them as individuals, as well as husband and wife. Your ambition does not have to die for you to be beautiful to God. God Bless you both.

  16. Thought of this and you! Happy Fall Priscilla!

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