Fun at the Farm!

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Other than the color of the tractor, this one was fun to use! Derrick has done a great job raising a bunch of beef cattle and it was fun to get to help him move some hay around.


Priscilla and I are driving together!


Riding with Lydia and Rebecca


Taking a little time with Priscilla out on a paddle boat! So calm and relaxing!


Priscilla really looks up to me and other times she just shakes her head!


This is a picture from our silo of our family farm. So many memories were made here and it sure is great to show Priscilla, who was visiting for the first time. In fact, it has been well over a year since our whole family has been together up here!


Fun to get a better view of the place!


Happy farmer! Derrick has been so faithful in farming. He is committed to doing it debt-free and this year he is farming more land than ever before–over 450 acres! God has especially blessed with what looks to be a great crop of corn this year when corn prices are high.


Sitting on top of our corn-crib with Lydia and Rebecca, Matthew offered to shoot the picture from off the top of our barn.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, David! When are you going to post the video of you waterskiing in a suit and tie? 🙂

    • The water skiing video is coming soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. WE like the green tractor. Really nice pictures.

  3. Looks like you two are enjoying a wonderful marriage 🙂 Any babies in the near future?

    • We truly are excited and blessed with all that God has done in our lives and are pleased to announce that we do have a baby on the way!

      • So exciting!!!! When is the due date? I’m currently expecting our 4th baby, due April 2013.

        • Thanks for asking! Our due date is March 9 and we are excitedly awaiting and yet also enjoying the time.

          • That’s awesome! I’m not nearly as patient as you in waiting to tell people our news 😉 I’m due April 13th, and we made our announcement last week. Couldn’t wait!

  4. When you wrote that it had been a long time since the whole family was up here, I thought at first that you meant on the barn. Have you ever taken a picture with your whole family up there? Probably the older ones would just chuckle and keep rocking in the rocking chair. 🙂 But then I saw the next picture. You really DID have a bunch of people up there! Unique place for a portrait. I am enjoying your blog. It’s wonderful that you two do so much together and go everywhere together. God will make a way if you have a desire and it doesn’t conflict with His will.

    ~Mrs. Parfitt

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